Oracle makes GoldenGate technology as an Elastic Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Service


Oracle is making its trusted GoldenGate technology available as a highly automated, fully-managed cloud service that customers can use to help ensure that their valuable data is always available anywhere they need it and analyzable in real-time. The new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) GoldenGate service provides customers with a real-time data fabric platform to design, execute, orchestrate, and monitor their data replication and streaming data events. OCI GoldenGate is the first cloud service of any major cloud provider to offer an elastic, pay-per-use solution for general purpose database replication, data integration, real-time data ingestion to cloud, and support for time-series analytics while data is in flight.

The new OCI GoldenGate service uniquely addresses event-based data integration for operational databases and analytic data stores. Conventional tools specialize in operational data integration or data engineering for analytics—but not both. With OCI GoldenGate, the exact same technology can be applied to mission-critical operational data stores as well as for real-time data warehouses, data lakes and streaming analytics. Unifying the operational and analytic data integration fabric helps customers to simplify their data architecture, avoid fragmented, complex tooling and ensures that the data being used for analytics is both timely and trusted. A unified approach aligns the operational systems of record to the business analytics more closely than possible with legacy batch processing tools. OCI GoldenGate is an ideal solution for modern, decentralized and multi-cloud data.

“Oracle GoldenGate is a highly trusted data integration solution for thousands of customers worldwide, including 84 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, mission-critical database technologies, Oracle. “Oracle is now delivering the enterprise-hardened GoldenGate technology as a cloud-native elastic service to provide customers a simple-to-use, integrated, operational and analytic real-time data fabric. It cuts both the time and cost of creating a data integration solution in half compared to the options provided on competing clouds.”*

The new OCI-native GoldenGate service automates many functions, including configuration, workload scaling, and patching while maintaining high availability. Its intuitive interface empowers non-DBA users to drive digital transformation, simplifying on-premises to cloud integrations, multi-region data synchronization, data pipelines, and multi-cloud database replication. The new service is seamlessly integrated with GoldenGate Stream Analytics for OCI, providing multi-cloud streaming data analytics with AI/ML, geo-spatial and time-series data. OCI GoldenGate’s web-based console application removes the complexity associated with deployment, providing easy setup and ongoing monitoring.

“In our transition to a cloud-first business and an always-on analytics solution, Oracle GoldenGate has been an instrumental part of ensuring that we have trusted and correct real-time transactions for analytical reporting,” said Bill Roy, senior director of BI and EPM, Western Digital.

“Broad market adoption by the world’s leading companies demonstrates Oracle GoldenGate’s proven capabilities in helping enterprises protect their most important, high-value data on-premises,” said Carl Olofson, research vice president, Data Management Software, IDC. “Oracle’s introduction of the OCI GoldenGate managed service should enable customers to integrate operational and analytic data into a single data fabric in the cloud. This, combined with pay-per-use billing, auto-scaling, and greatly reduced administrative overhead, gives OCI GoldenGate a level of usability and affordability that will be hard to match by other cloud-based or on-premises solutions.”

“Wikibon has always admired Oracle GoldenGate’s unique ability to deploy fault-tolerant database replication combined with real-time operational analytic insights, with support for both Oracle and non-Oracle data sources. The downside is the complexity and cost of providing and maintaining these capabilities,” said David Floyer, CTO & Co-Founder, Wikibon. “The latest OCI GoldenGate release is a managed cloud service, which solves the complexity and cost problems and extends these capabilities to every company size. OCI GoldenGate enables enterprises to establish a real-time coherent data mesh with distributed data and databases on-site or in a cloud. This architecture is a major improvement compared to just a historic distributed cloud-only data-mesh provided by vendors such as Snowflake.”

“Customers have long appreciated the fact that Oracle GoldenGate gives them a single pane-of-glass to manage events in their data ecosystem in real-time—covering a wide range of data sources and delivery points,” said Richard Winter, CEO, WinterCorp. “The new OCI GoldenGate managed service further simplifies this process, while providing security options like private encryption keys and IP addresses to protect the data. This integrated customer experience goes well beyond what is available from vendors such as SAP and cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.”

“Whether organizations are moving data from on-premises to cloud or from cloud-to-cloud, the new OCI GoldenGate service significantly simplifies the user experience with no-code processes,” said Bradley Shimmin, chief analyst, AI Platforms, Analytics and Data Management, Omdia. “With an extensive range of supported topologies and the ability to get started for $0.67 per hour with full elastic computing functionality, this new service expands the addressable market for GoldenGate technology and elevates Oracle’s competitive position in the market race to embrace hybrid, multi-cloud deployment opportunities.”

“OCI GoldenGate provides a proven architecture supporting business-critical capabilities like replication, data migration, data ingestion, high availability, and disaster recovery for companies that operate next generation applications that span across multi-cloud environments and on-premises,” said Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research. “Good to see Oracle providing GoldenGate now as an elastic cloud service that, managed by Oracle, lowers overall costs compared to managing on-premises and is a highly competitive offering compared to other IaaS vendors.”

“Oracle has transformed the most comprehensive, utilized database replication, data pipelining, and stream analytics tool—known as GoldenGate—into an automated fully managed, intuitively simple, finely granular, pay-for-what-you-use cloud service,” said Marc Staimer, president of DS Consulting and Wikibon analyst. “The Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service is an answer to those enterprises that typically find moving their databases to the cloud too daunting. Not anymore.”

“Data-driven enterprises differentiate themselves based on what they can do with the data they can collect, not by how they collect and manage it,” said Mark Peters, principal analyst and practice director, ESG. “Put simply, data-driven leaders prioritize data-driven action; having a fully managed cloud service like OCI GoldenGate allows them to reduce their data mesh management efforts, for example by avoiding unnecessary transformations and focusing their efforts on extracting value from their streaming data in real-time. Business-wise, this translates to taking the right actions faster, more often, and more holistically than competitors.”

“Oracle GoldenGate has been a one-stop shop for enterprise customers to address their real-time data replication needs for years, replacing traditional ETL processes with scalable and highly available synchronization between heterogeneous sources, even between clouds,” said Alexei Balaganski, lead analyst, KuppingerCole. “Now, by providing it as a fully managed cloud service, Oracle is not just making multi-cloud data integration substantially more affordable, but offering a consistent and stress-free experience for a multitude of use cases.”

The new service runs on the latest GoldenGate 21c micro services architecture, which allows for a global mesh of connected data resources. OCI GoldenGate’s fully encapsulated microservices enable customers to seamlessly integrate the service into their dev-ops CI/CD pipeline as a first-class, infrastructure-as-code service. OCI GoldenGate is architected to integrate with on-premises Docker and Kubernetes “mesh” deployments of GoldenGate with no shared framework dependencies and no shared repository, enabling superior manageability with lower TCO. With a single click, developers and DBAs can set the service for 3x auto-scale—providing a scalable way to start small and grow as workloads increase.


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