Oracle unveils next-generation Exadata X9M platforms


Oracle announced the availability of the Oracle Exadata X9M platforms, the latest version of the industry’s fastest and most affordable systems for running Oracle Database. The new Exadata X9M offerings include Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M and Exadata [email protected] X9M—the only platform that runs Oracle Autonomous Database in customer data centers. Today, 87 percent of the Global Fortune 100 and thousands of smaller enterprises rely on Oracle Exadata to run their business-critical workloads.

Next-generation Exadata X9M platforms accelerate online transaction processing (OLTP) with more than 70 percent higher IOPs rates and IO latencies of under 19 microseconds. They also deliver up to an 87 percent increase in analytic SQL throughput and machine learning workloads. By delivering higher performance at the same price as the previous generation, Exadata X9M enables customers to reduce the costs of running transactional workloads by up to 42 percent, and analytics workloads by up to 47 percent.

“The Oracle Exadata X9M generation continues our strategy of providing customers exceptional value by delivering the world’s fastest and most available Oracle Database platform, and making it available everywhere—in the public cloud, [email protected], and on-premises,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle. “For X9M we adopted the latest CPUs, networking, and storage hardware, and optimized our software to deliver dramatically faster performance. Customers get the fastest OLTP, the fastest analytics and the best consolidation—all at the same price as the previous generation. No other platform, do-it-yourself infrastructure, database, or cloud service comes close to Exadata X9M performance, cost/performance, or simplicity.”

Equinix is a $73B leading digital infrastructure company. “Our investment in Oracle Exadata has exceeded our expectations,” said Greg Ogle, vice president, Global IT Infrastructure, Equinix. “Not only did we address our biggest challenge of increasing performance for the Siebel CRM platform by an average of 40 percent, and 4-5X on large queries, but we also reaped the benefits of consolidating all of our databases onto Exadata, reduced our 287 databases by half, lowered administration, improved uptime, and saved 50 percent of our legacy costs. We have used Exadata X7 and X8M and we’re looking forward to leveraging X9M in the future.”

“Oracle continues to push the outside edge of the performance envelope with the introduction of Exadata [email protected] X9M. When combined with Autonomous Database’s self-driving capabilities it’s a powerful enterprise-grade database cloud on-premises offering that delivers impressive value on multiple levels,” said Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC. “For companies serious about running these types of critical Oracle-based applications in an on-premises enterprise database cloud, Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata [email protected] is the obvious choice.”

“Oracle Exadata platform continues to be the number one, trusted data management platform for Indian enterprises. Most of our country’s top BFSI and telecom companies rely on this platform to keep their business up and running. We are happy to bring the Oracle Exadata X9M next-generation to our Indian customers, made available in the public cloud, [email protected] (inside a customer’s datacenter, behind their firewall) and on-premises. With this new innovation, Indian businesses can significantly improve their online transaction speed, analytics and performance, while reducing costs by at least 40 percent on average” Mr. Srikanth Doranadula, VP-Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle India added.

Intel is a $220B world leader in semiconductor design and manufacturing. “Our partnership with Oracle has never been more important, said Sandra Rivera, executive vice president and general manager, Datacenter and AI Group, Intel. “I am thrilled that Exadata X9M and Exadata [email protected] X9M will support Intel’s latest 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processor platform and Intel’s Optane persistent memory, delivering impressive throughput and efficiency enhancements. I look forward to new possibilities unleashed by Oracle’s new platforms. I’m also pleased to say that Intel uses Exadata in our most critical factory operations within our manufacturing group. We are honored to be a part of the Oracle Exadata family.”


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