Pandemic scams and how to not fall prey for them


(By Pramod Sharda) 

COVID-19 has affected health, upended businesses and seeped into all walks of life. While the majority of companies took to the new norm of remote working, many challenges emerged and with them, and came the phishing threats. According to the latest report, email attacks went up by 667% since the pandemic hit. The hackers are increasingly resorting to a variety of phishing campaigns while the world focuses on unfolding the aftermath of Coronavirus. By perpetrating malware and duping credentials, it looks like fraudsters have gained access to the Pandora’s Box of opportunities that they can use against us.

As if the fear of pandemic wasn’t enough to peak anxiety, now pandemic scams have become another thing to worry about. However, there are ways to spot and deal with such suspicious activities. Let’s find out how pandemic scams look like and how to overthrow such scammers.

Beware of fraudulent websites, malware attacks are up by 30%:

As the world stopped heading out to buy anything, hackers are taking advantage of our online behavior. Many fake websites have been set-up that closely replicates an authentic one. By clicking on these websites, you’re risking your personal and financial information.

Ways to spot fraudulent websites:

  • Don’t click on the website with unusual URL links.
  • If the domain name is suspicious like “.co“, “.ma”, then don’t open the URL.
  • Use ad blockers to keep away malware & virus bearing ads.

Beware of suspicious emails; phishing attacks up by 667%:

Hackers are cunningly hiding behind the veil of organisations like WHO, Ministry of Healthcare, etc. They’re impersonating them and contacting via emails as well as messages. Now, phishing through e-mails and texts used to be a thing of the past. Yet, it’s so prevalent today because a significant number of people still fall for this. Don’t let these malicious threats spread to your inbox. But, choosing the right email solution to protect your data can be difficult.

IceWarp in association with CISCO with their world-class ATP solution; stacked with features for filtering emails and encrypting data offers unprecedented email security. It is used by experts and business owners around the world to collaborate with teams by means of email, chats, contacts, video calls, calendars, and more. A 100 percent secure email suite, IceWarp is a cost-effective solution that reduces the operational cost of businesses up to 40 percent. Thus, with IceWarp, your business grows without worries of hacking and phishing issues.

Look out for this in emails and messages:

  • Scam emails will replicate the names of organisations but an alphabet or two will be misplaced. So, check the sender with due diligence.
  • Don’t click on the hyperlinks you receive from a suspicious email. Take the cursor & place on the link; it’ll give you a preview of the page.
  • Use a reliable email solution that protects your data.

Block away hackers with an effective email suite; Cyber-attacks up by 120%:

Using a secure and encrypted email solution is now the need-of-the-hour. You need a solution like IceWarp that gives you an extra layer of security with an ATP solution, to filter emails and keep your data safe. It scans your emails and protects you from all possible threats. With rising email frauds and 120% increase in cyber-attacks, IceWarp understands the urgent need of businesses for an email and collaborative suite that’s equipped to tackle phishing attacks and inculcates desired changes to face the current challenges. The security of IceWarp remains high for hybrid models where features of other collaborative platforms are combined.

Although the statistics are alarming, the right solutions and tools of IceWarp can keep you safe from cyber scams. So, don’t delay any further, protect your data today and keep the phishing threats away! Connect with IceWarp experts today to switch to a secure business environment.


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