Park Place Technologies introduces DMSO approach to managing critical infrastructure

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Park Place Technologies has introduced DMSO, a fully integrated approach to managing critical infrastructure. DMSO is a simplified and automated approach to Discovering, Monitoring, Supporting and Optimizing digital infrastructures to maximize uptime, create cost efficiencies, enable greater infrastructure control and visibility, and enhance asset performance. The DMSO market is expected to be $228 billion annually by 2023.

With DMSO, Park Place clients will maximize uptime, improve operational speed, eliminate IT chaos, and boost return on investment – ultimately accelerating their digital transformations.

“Data centers have changed, and the concept of infrastructure continues to evolve radically as businesses move to implement digital transformation in its many forms,” said Chris Adams, CEO of Park Place Technologies.

“This requires a more strategic approach to maintain physical and virtual infrastructures and gain insights through automation and analytics. This is the genesis of DMSO and we are confident that it represents a new way to deliver value and help transform critical infrastructure into a strategic business asset.”

Park Place Technologies, in consultation with industry analysts and Park Place customers, leveraged three decades of insight gained from providing global hardware maintenance for 17,000 customers in 58,000 data centers across 150 countries. Park Place has an impeccable record, delivering a 97 percent first-time fix rate and a 31 percent faster mean time to repair (MTTR) and carries a 97 percent customer satisfaction rate. This experience fueled the innovation that developed DMSO to provide comprehensive infrastructure control and visibility. Through a single pane of glass, DMSO will offer a view up and down the technology stack, including hardware, operating systems, networks, databases, applications, and the cloud, for customers to:

Discover – Holistic, accurate listing of data center assets across OEMs, with automated IT asset discovery and dependency mapping and comprehensive coverage of servers (physical, virtual, and cloud), desktops, edge devices and peripherals;
Monitor – Server and storage monitoring hardware (storage, server and network) and software (OS Monitoring, Linux, Windows, VM)
Support – Event filtering and remediation for hardware, operating systems and network hardware (predictive/proactive alerting and ticket integration) OS remediation (patch management, updates) and network incidents (management, configuration, root cause);
Optimize – Enable client efficiencies and ensure uptime with capacity management, CPU utilization and cloud cost controls).

An Opportunity Underpinned by Healthy Growth

Demand for DMSO is fueled by a healthy and growing infrastructure market, estimated by industry analysts to reach $228 billion by 2023 (inclusive of dedicated and shared equipment and services). Additionally, the market for data center and network maintenance is expected to exceed $185 billion annually.

“In this digital era, it is imperative that companies put an emphasis on fixing problems before they happen,” said Rob Brothers, program vice president, datacenter and support services, IDC. “This new approach to infrastructure management will enable providers like Park Place Technologies to be proactive about identifying and correcting potential problems for customers before they result in potential downtime which could cost them money.”

Information technology decision makers agree. A recent survey found that 35 percent cannot seamlessly monitor and optimize cloud capacity and configurations, and 36 percent are missing single-source visibility and monitoring. The issue of a lack of in-house expertise to act and respond to performance alerts and alarms affected 39 percent of respondents.

“DMSO is something which is a positive for the industry,” said Paul Alexander, Head of Technical Services, STEM Faculty, The Open University. “Park Place is able to lead on that because they’ve defined it. They understand where the industry is going. Obviously there’s a lot going into the cloud, and in some cases, it’s going to be a hybrid. I feel like the industry needed to find a new direction and DMSO is an evolution.

“It’s very clear a lot of people who run data centers don’t know what equipment they have. So the first problem that you need to solve on the road map is discovery, and that’s key as part of DMSO. Once you discovered it, you need monitoring. And if these things were integrated well, like through ParkView, that’s a winning solution. I think then the natural progression from that is to support. Optimization totally goes hand-in-hand from there, and it covers a multitude of different platforms. I think the industry as a whole is likely to move towards DMSO.”

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