Persistent Systems demonstrates proactive, prescriptive banking actbot

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In a preview of the company’s soon to be announced Persistent Digital Bank Solution, Persistent Systems will demo the industry’s first proactive customer service actbot at FinovateFall 2019.

Unlike existing traditional solutions that simply respond to user queries, Persistent’s actbot initiates conversations proactively based on a deep understanding of customer behavior and transaction data. This addresses inquiries without transferring customers to the customer service center – one of the most frequent sources of frustration for customers.

Persistent Digital Bank Solution is designed to bring out a new dimension to Customer 360 understanding with dramatically improved customer service.

Using advanced AI and machine learning, the actbot immediately draws on a customer’s transaction history and accounts to address inquiries into areas such as loans, extended credit and new accounts, with prescriptive next steps. This is a major step beyond typical banking chatbots that have limited scope for offering solutions and frequently leave callers frustrated.

The Persistent Digital Bank Solution actbot pulls from various internal as well as third-party sources for additional data and arrives at actionable insights, correlations and next steps.

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