Posiflex expands success in POS with superior supply chain resilience


As one of the world’s top five electronic Point of Sale (POS) system suppliers, Posiflex Technology is wrapping up a particularly banner year for 2022, benefiting from vigorous refurbishments in retail and hospitality industries during the post COVID-19 pandemic era. With excellent supply chain management and risk control, Posiflex has been less affected by the global supply crisis resulted from COVID-19 lockdowns and geographical conflicts on top of other risk factors during 2022, and the company is eyeing toward a further leap in its global-leading position.

World’s 5th Ranked POS Supplier Rises to the Challenge

According to the latest survey conducted by market intelligence firm RBR, Posiflex ranks as the 5th biggest POS brand in terms of shipped units throughout 2021, with its strongest presence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The RBR survey also found that Posiflex rose to 1st place in countries like India, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Greece, with its market share in India as high as 54%, and Saudi Arabia 42%.

Why Customers Choose Posiflex: Customization Capability, Quality and Delivery

A new customer feedback analysis conducted by RBR has revealed that Posiflex customers on a worldwide base are most satisfied with the company’s professional support including customization service, reliable quality, and stable delivery (effective and efficient logistics), ranking as the top 3 Posiflex advantages in the eyes of customers.

  • Customization Service and better technical support

Posiflex is the only company among the top 5 POS suppliers to adopt a vertical integration strategy— it designs, manufactures, and sells POS systems and peripherals in-house, which means it is able to provide one-stop shopping service to customers as well as small volume customization to fit specific requirements of customers from different countries with various application scenarios and needs, including OS options, logo co-branding and special peripheral specs.

As Posiflex designs and manufactures products on its own, it is well-versed in technical details of its products and can be quicker and more helpful in responding to customers’ needs.

  • Reliable quality

To provide reliable products, Posiflex takes care in selecting quality materials and conducts comprehensive tests before shipment, including vibration test, drop test, plus the industry’s highest standard full-system loading test in 40°C burn-in chamber for 12+ hours for all shipping products. Customers’ feedback also shows high satisfaction with Posiflex’s product quality.

  • Good command of supply chain logistics

By merging various stages of production and supply chain into its own operations, Posiflex has also achieved better command of supply chain logistics with reduced need for outside entities. This, combined with a well-managed supplier network, has accumulated into better supply resilience for Posiflex to achieve more stable product deliveries and shorter delivery times than its competitors during the global supply shortage crisis in the past two years of the pandemic.

“Your success is our vision,” said Owen Chen, CEO of Posiflex, citing the company’s core values slogan. “We combine our technological advantages with customer needs and provide the most feasible products and services for partners and end users,” said Chen.


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