Pure Storage helps financial services firms to drive better customer experiences with its digital-first approach


Pure Storage announced continued momentum within the financial services industry as global banks, asset management firms and financial technology organizations modernize and embrace a digital-first approach.

The financial services industry is entrusted with massive amounts of critical customer data. However, new technologies, competition, regulations and evolving market demands are challenging firms to modernize, leverage data as a valuable strategic resource, or become irrelevant. Legacy storage is no longer sufficient to sustain the diverse, data-hungry workloads supporting the customer experience, real-time analytics, fraud prevention, risk and compliance.

Pure Storage’s industry-leading solutions and services meet data-intensive demands while powering innovation with robust all-flash storage solutions.

  • FlashArray: Pure Storage’s FlashArray solves application performance challenges with superior IOPS for use cases such as high-frequency trading, performance-critical databases, and always-on digital banking. FlashArray//XL enables business-critical apps with 150µs latencies and 36 GB/sec of throughput.
  • FlashBlade: FlashBlade provides the performance, flexibility and scalability to support multiple, disparate workloads concurrently for use cases such as AI for fraud detection, portfolio risk, chatbots and regulatory reporting. FlashBlade//S™ delivers double the performance, density, and capacity of our previous FlashBlade, and enables up to 60 GB/sec of throughput per chassis.
  • Evergreen: Pure Storage’s Evergreen architecture eliminates risky, time-consuming upgrades, data migrations, or expensive leases, while its Evergreen Subscriptions – Evergreen//Forever, Evergreen//Flex, and Evergreen//One – offer financial firms financial and operational agility and continuous innovation, with choices ranging from traditional ownership to Storage as-a-Service with SLA guarantees. Ninety seven percent of Pure Storage arrays over five years old are still in service via Evergreen modernization.

To date, 9 of the top 10 global investment banks, 7 of the top 10 asset management companies, and 5 of the top 10 insurance organizations rely on Pure Storage to improve data performance, reduce TCO, and achieve greater agility while reducing downtime, ultimately driving an elevated customer experience. As a result, Pure Storage’s Financial Services business reached an all-time high last year, growing more than 30 percent year-over-year in FY’22.

 “As a financial organization operating more than 150 branches and 1,200 ATMs throughout Texas, IT and storage infrastructure continue to play a critical role in Frost Bank’s success. At Frost, virtually every application is running on Pure Storage FlashArray, enabling maximum uptime and faster backups. The single biggest factor in our decision to leverage Pure was its Evergreen Storage model. With the Evergreen model, we’re able to easily avoid complex, risky and expensive forklift upgrades and data migrations, which would typically take place every three to five years.”  David Coindreau, Manager of Server and Storage Services, Frost Bank

“At Admiral, data is the core of our business operations. The ability to process and analyze data at speed underpins everything from the initial customer contact to the claims process and pricing on aggregator websites. Pure Storage has been a critical business enabler for us through FlashArray, FlashBlade, Pure1 and Evergreen//Forever™. With FlashArray//X™, insurance rate change calculations are 98% faster, giving customers the best pricing and improving our chance of listing in the top 10 on aggregation sites. With FlashBlade, we’ve reduced the time it takes to complete backups from 30 hours to less than 40 minutes. Lastly, Pure’s Evergreen//Forever subscription has allowed us to save more than 50% on traditional forklift upgrades.” – Chris Bevan, Head of Platform Services, Admiral Group

“After challenges with sluggish, legacy storage systems that were complex to manage and expensive to scale, we’ve been running a reliable, fast, and easy to use storage environment with Pure Storage for several years now. We recently upgraded our original Pure Storage system with no downtime. With faster speeds and less frustration than our legacy storage systems, Pure enables us to spend more time on projects that truly move the needle and drive a competitive advantage in the finance market.” – Darren Wiseman, IT Manager at Toyota Finance New Zealand

 “Česká spořitelna has traditionally operated under a very complex IT environment. As data plays an increasingly critical role in the development and rollout of new financial products and services for us, we selected Pure Storage to help us simplify storage infrastructure to serve as the backbone for future innovation and scale. By migrating to Pure’s FlashArray//X and leveraging the AI-driven Pure1, we have reduced the amount of effort and maintenance involved in storage management by approximately 30%, while reducing power consumption by 20% by only using half of our original data center space.” – Milan Novák, Infrastructure, Platform, and Cloud Services Lead, Česká Spořitelna


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