Purple team to provide premium cybersecurity to high net worth individuals

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Celebrities have a huge social media presence, and their email and social media accounts are a very lucrative target for hackers. We have seen hackers target business leaders, film stars, and sportspeople. A breach of a celebrities’ social media account is not only a huge reputational impact, but can be used by hackers to send out fake posts or manipulate millions of their followers. There is a strong need to provide personalized cybersecurity to this set of people who are not only heavy users of technology, but would also benefit from knowing if their photographs or personal data are available for sale on the Dark Web.

A team of cybersecurity experts have come together to create a specialized offering of services and products for HNIs. Called the PurpleTeam, it is headed by K. K. Mookhey and Altaf Halde who each have more than 20 years’ of experience in the field of cybersecurity.

As part of the services, PurpleTeam will provide to its client’s specialised services including :

· Assess the security of social media accounts and also of the homes and offices of HNIs

· Implement robust security measures to protect their digital assets

· Respond to any breaches on a 24/7 basis

The PurpleTeam, will be using its proprietary platform – BlueScope to offer 24×7 monitoring to its HNI clients. In addition, we will be providing Dark Web monitoring and digital identity protection services from our state-of-the-art CyberSecurity Operations Centre (CSOC) based in Mumbai.

Commenting on the development, KK Mookhey, Founder of PurpleTeam, said, “Most of the cybersecurity companies focus on large enterprises, whereas it is now the individual who is the target of hackers. This service will address the cybersecurity risks Board Members, business leaders and celebrities. The 3 aspects the PurpleTeam will focus on will be Time to Protect, Time to Respond and Time to Mitigate in the eventuality of a cyberattack. I am confident that with our 24×7 backed service and our 18 year history of protecting organisations against cyberattack, all our HNI clients will be able to sleep peacefully knowing that the PurpleTeam has their critical data protected.”

“With the PurpleTeam we have aimed to offer to our customers the kind of specialsied premium cybersecurity that SEAL’s, Commondo’s and SWAT Team’s get to physical security. With the increase in adoption of smart devices, social media misuse, targeted attacks, financial scams, digital blackmailing, etc. the launch of Purple-Team provides the right solution for a wide spectrum of HNI’s “said Altaf Halde, Global Business Head, PurpleTeam, “Recent increase in the incidents of CEO’s personal data being targeted for personal benefit, leaked communications being used to settle scores in & outside courts, insider threats etc makes it evident that the PurpleTeam has arrived at the right time”

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