PV Lumens joins Zebra Technologies’ PartnerConnect Program

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Zebra Technologies has announced the participation of PV Lumens LLP in Zebra’s PartnerConnect program. It is India’s leading distribution enterprise, with a portfolio comprising automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) products, testing and measurement instruments, LAN infrastructure and cabling, building management – safety and security systems, and hardware and electrical products.

PV Lumens is constantly offering the best products and solutions to its customers to help improve their productivity, connectivity, safety and infrastructure requirements. PV Lumens finds Zebra to be a natural fit because of its vast experience in empowering the edge of the enterprise through its wide array of solutions designed with front-line users and workplaces in mind. With 50 years of experience, Zebra’s solutions offer its end-customers with greater efficiency by providing them with the right solutions to make business-critical decisions.

“PV Lumens is excited to be representing Zebra in India. The business infrastructure and operations in India are undergoing a significant transformation, and Zebra helps us offer industry-leading products and solutions to support our customers to achieve the highest level of efficiency and productivity,” said Chaman Pansari, CEO at PV Lumens LLP.

The PartnerConnect Program is designed to evolve the best of Zebra’s award-winning inclusive channel ecosystem, addressing the needs of distributors, ISVs and resellers, providing opportunities for growth and meeting customer and market demands.

By participating in PartnerConnect, PV Lumens gains access to an innovative portfolio of enterprise mobile computers, data capture devices, RFID devices, printers, and more along with comprehensive training, extensive marketing, sales and technical benefits.


The PartnerConnect program is a global network that provides PV Lumens access to industry-leading solutions, training and tools that aim to differentiate, offer opportunities for collaboration and help improve customer satisfaction.



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