Quantum expands portfolio to Classify, Manage and Protect Unstructured Data across its Lifecycle


Quantum Corp has unveiled a major expansion of its solutions portfolio to help customers classify, manage and protect video and unstructured data across its lifecycle. Addressing the need to manage data end to end – on premise or in the cloud – is another key step in Quantum’s strategy to be the leading provider of management and storage services for unstructured data.

The expanded portfolio includes:

Quantum ATFS – a new file-based storage platform with integrated data classification enabling new ways to visualize, automate, and purposefully place data in the right place, at the right time.
Quantum StorNext 7 File System – the latest version of Quantum’s high-performance file system, now with new ways to automate data placement on NVMe for high-throughput, low latency workloads.
Quantum ActiveScale Object Storage – Quantum expands its ActiveScale line with a smaller capacity three node object storage system, along with new features such as object lock to protect critical data.

These new solutions will be introduced prior to Quantum’s VirtualQ I Transform events, Nov. 17 and 19, and will be available via a software subscription license based on capacity, demonstrating Quantum’s commitment to delivering unstructured data solutions with purchasing and deployment options that align to organizations’ needs.

Helping Customers Unlock the Business Value of Unstructured Data

Accelerated data growth, lack of visibility and control over data, and more data movement are contributing to organizations’ challenges of managing unstructured data sprawl and harnessing the value that is in this unstructured data. Advancements in artificial intelligence and analytics are driving new lifecycle requirements, including the need to ensure data accessibility for decades and beyond, and protecting against data loss, disaster and cyber attacks. By managing data across its lifecycle, Quantum is empowering customers to navigate the new data landscape and manage data and storage for greater productivity and efficiency.

Ashish Nadkarni, GVP, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies, IDC: “Massive unstructured data growth may be the defining factor for industries and economies of the 21st century. This data lives everywhere – it is created and processed at the edge, moved to both the cloud and the core data center, and stored and protected in multiple locations. Quantum is offering the tools to help companies retain and protect this valuable data for decades, with the ability to easily search and access it for future analysis.”

Lance Hukill, Vice President of Sales, Chesapeake Systems: “Quantum is delivering a smarter management approach for unstructured data, which is emerging as a defining challenge across a range of businesses. Quantum is also aligning its licensing methodology with where customers see value and how best to procure necessary resources.”

Jamie Lerner, President and CEO, Quantum: “Our customers are dealing with massive video and unstructured data growth, and it will be the ability to harness the value of this data – to ‘enrich’ this data – that will drive businesses forward. This is what will drive the next discovery, the next innovation, new ways to communicate and entertain, and new business models. We’re focusing our innovation on helping customers unlock the value in their video and unstructured data in new ways to solve their most pressing business challenges, and this expanded portfolio is an important step toward enabling that model.”


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