Rapido chooses Google Cloud and Searce to transform its engineering infrastructure to serve its 10+ million customers


Rapido has chosen Google Cloud and Searce to modernize its digital infrastructure; and build a robust data platform to enable rapid access to riders, reduce time to market on new app features and enable demand forecasting across its fast growing business.

“We  are thrilled to work with customers like Rapido who are embracing cloud technology at an admirable speed and scale. From enhancing their services with several Google Cloud products to seamlessly working during the pandemic with Google Workspace, Rapido has done it all with its cloud-first strategy. Working with our Managed Services Partner (MSP), Searce, has ensured smooth transition onto Google Cloud”, said Amitabh Jacob, Head of Cloud Partners and Alliances at Google Cloud India.

Today, Rapido serves over 10+ million customers and has over 1.5 million “captains” or riders who operate bike taxis—a number that has risen 3x year on year.

The nature of Rapido’s services means the application typically sees a massive surge in traffic during peak commuting hours and normal consumption during the rest of the day. To ensure high availability for their application and the best user experience possible, Rapido recognized the need to modernize its IT infrastructure and adopt a flexible and scalable cloud platform on Google Cloud.

Working with Google Cloud and Searce, Rapido successfully migrated 95% of its applications to Google Cloud in less than six months. Today, 98% of Rapido’s apps and workloads are hosted on Google Cloud.

“Working with Google Cloud and Searce has given us the technical capabilities to scale in line with the market opportunity and our ambitions. We  did not have to build any additional infrastructure to create the services—businesses and customers can enjoy greater access and services via their Rapido app,” said Rishikesh SR, Co-Founder, Rapido. “Another unexpected side-effect of moving to a technologically advanced infrastructure was that it acted as a magnet for good software engineers. Given how developers carefully evaluate the technology stack and processes before coming on board, this was appealing to our potential applicants.”

Google Cloud MSP, Searce, played an instrumental role in Rapido’s deployment, and helped the company integrate directions and distance calls with the Roads API to smooth out variations in GPS readings received from the handsets of two-wheeler taxi owners. Searce also helped Rapido deploy the Google Firebase mobile and web development platform to automate the mode configuration of its API keys and save considerable time versus maintaining a time-consuming manual process.

“With Google Cloud and Searce, Rapido has moved to a rapid-release cycle, securing the agility needed to compete and meet demanding captain and customer requirements. The business can complete 10–15 minor releases per day and deliver a consolidated app release featuring major enhancements and new features once a fortnight.” said Ankit Sinha, VP- Cloud Practices, Searce.


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