Redington Limited & Corent Technology join hands to accelerate the Digital Transformation journey of organizations  


Redington Limited has announced a strategic partnership with Corent Technology, a provider of a multi-cloud application migration and optimization platform, to offer enterprises and large SMBs a comprehensive solution for multi-cloud transformation projects.

The partnership will assist Redington in its drive towards cloud adoption with Corent’s proficiency in workload migration and optimization. Corent Technology will provide valuable insights into the application and infrastructural landscape, as well as offer optimization recommendations for a successful digital transformation. Redington empowers organizations with cloud migration feasibility assessment and migrate-to-cloud services that helps organizations evaluate their data and business operations and accelerate their cloud journey toward infrastructure modernization.

“Cloud-led digital transformation is among the top strategic priorities of organizations across sectors. They require reliable and efficient partners who can help them in their Cloud migration journey. The synergy between Redington and Corent Technology will address their requirements, by enabling efficient cloud migration, modernization, and cost savings. This partnership will also help expand our SMB market footprint and further add-on to our offering of hyper scaler connects for cloud solutions.” said Rakshit Bhatt, Senior Vice President & Head of Cloud Business, Redington Ltd.

 This partnership will offer organizations the necessary tools and expertise to navigate their digital transformation journeys successfully, accelerate cloud adoption, and enhance the global Redington partners and customer experience. Corent’s multi-cloud workload migration and optimization platform will complement Redington’s Spotlight, providing a comprehensive solution for cloud migration projects. This would enable Redington to support a larger ecosystem of enterprises, mid-market companies, and SMBs in their digital transformation journey.

“It is our constant endeavor to enhance the accessibility of our capabilities for organizations who want to accelerate their Cloud roadmap. Through our partnership with Redington, we will be able to help them reduce the cost, time, and risk involved in their cloud migration and adoption, leading to better business benefits.” said Sean Jazayeri, SVP, Strategic Alliances, Corent.

This partnership is a significant step for Redington in its mission to democratize the cloud for organizations. With Corent Technology’s expertise in cloud migration and optimization, Redington will provide a complete solution for digital transformation projects, helping them achieve their cloud goals with confidence and efficiency.


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