REVA University ties up with Salesforce to strengthen the connected student experience


REVA University, a private State University in Bengaluru with state-of-the-art technology in India announced that it will be leveraging Salesforce to further strengthen its position as a Digital-first University. The move endorses the strong focus of REVA to ensure seamless connectivity with its students, alumni, parents, and faculty, empowering them with self-service options, thus providing a connected student experience as well as strengthening scalability and effective governance.

REVA University will deploy Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud unifying various departments onto a single platform. The Sales Cloud will create a 360-degree view across the entire student lifecycle, enabling the University to deliver personalised engagements, proactive advice and connected experiences that students and parents expect. Service cloud will create workflows and automate onboarding while connecting systems, data and people creating new efficiencies in student management. Salesforce provides key stakeholders and decision makers a unified 360-degree view into ongoing campaigns giving them access to data-backed insights for strategic decision-making.

Since the pandemic, the landscape of education has evolved and the role of technology in this cannot be ignored. REVA University was ahead of time and transitioned to online classes in less than 3 days. The ethos of REVA University is driven to be future-ready and offer exemplary academic experience. A dedicated ICT department focuses on digital enablement and a seamless working environment for all stakeholders with a dedicated, single-window help desk for student and parent queries. Through this collaboration, REVA aims to make it possible for key stakeholders to do almost anything online from filling admission forms, enquiry on courses, to student onboarding furthering its position as a digital-first University.

Umesh Raju, Pro Chancellor, REVA University said, “At REVA University, we are constantly striving to adopt modern methods that will enrich the learning experience for every individual. We strive to offer our students unparalleled academic experiences both online and offline. Through this collaboration, we’re aiming to equip our faculty members too with the right technology tools to drive student experience to higher levels.”


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