Riello Power India launches new 75kW Combo Cabinet for Multi Power range

Data Centre

Riello Power India, a wholly owned subsidiary of RPS S.p.A (Riello Power Solutions, Italy), a company based in Italy and part of the Riello Elettronica Group, expands the family of modular Multi Power UPS (MPW-MPX), designed to protect Data Centers and critical applications, with the new 75kW Combo Cabinet (MPX 75 CBC).

This new Multi Power model, which can accommodate 3 modules of 15 kW or 25 kW (the modules must be of the same power), is the ideal solution for IoT and EDGE computing applications, where the load is not excessively high, but space is at a premium. The Multi Power range therefore becomes even more flexible and able to meet any stringent requirement for mission-critical applications. The latest cabinet combination has been created as the perfect modular solution for all small to medium power applications, where capital costs (CapEx) most influence the choice between a modular or monolithic UPS. This highly cost-effective and efficient solution guarantees UPS redundancy (MPX 75 CBC is optimized for 1 + 1 or 2 + 1 redundant systems) and battery autonomy in an extremely compact footprint, while preserving all the advantages of the modular architecture such as scalability and ease of maintenance.

In fact, Multi Power MPX 75 CBC allows the connection / disconnection of the Power Modules and Battery Units (BU) while the system is running, as well as the hot-swap of all the elements of the system, making maintenance and replacement of the main components of the system easy. In the event that the load is unchanged with respect to the initial configuration, but more autonomy is required, it is possible to add additional battery cabinets (Battery Cabinet – BTC), while if additional power is required, the user can decide to add an additional Combo Parallel cabinet: in this way the system is completely scalable and resilient to any type of horizontal or vertical expansion of the system.

Other strengths of the new Multi Power MPX 75 CBC are the high efficiency of the system, up to 96.5% in ON LINE mode with double conversion, and greater than 95% at just 20% of the load. It also guarantees unity power factor and has an extremely wide operating voltage range (+ 20 / -40%), which facilitates the sizing of the upstream power supply.
This excellent performance guarantees extremely low losses at any load level, maintaining a truly modular solution for any UPS environment subject to variations in power demand.

Advanced technology and custom designed components

During the design phase of the MPX Power Modules, it was decided to use reliable and state-of-the- art components and technologies in order to ensure maximum performance, energy availability and power. To maximize the performance and efficiency of Multi Power, the Riello UPS Research and Development center has chosen to specifically design certain power components, including IGBT modules: the Power Modules themselves use the "wireless power principle” thanks to which the interconnection distances between boards, power components and connectors are extremely optimized. In this way, power losses are minimized, the overall efficiency of the system is increased, the risk of power supply discontinuity is avoided and the average repair time (MTTR) also benefits.


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