R&M conducts partner training program on 4PPoE and LAN


R&M recently organised an in-house technical training session for its South India partners. The training was organised to enhance the knowledge on latest trends in the LAN environment and 4PPoE products. 25 key partners from across South India attended the training program.

R&M India invited the technology specialist in LAN cabling, Matthias Gerber from Switzerland to conduct technical training program. This platform gave the R&M key partners as well as their India technical team discuss and get trained on the latest developments in the 4PPoE product line and its impact on LAN cabling. Matthias also enriched the attendees with the knowledge on how to address the emerging challenges with respect to the current LAN environment.

Matthias Gerber, Market Manager LAN Cabling at R&M explained, “Today, the world is changing on a regular basis and there is a requirement of continuous and high power delivery across all the organizations. In terms of speed, we are undergoing a huge transformation from 25G to 40G and we can see new protocols coming in, with the demand of increase in bandwidth.”

He further added, “On the other side, we have the building automation, probably one of the most exciting developments around the world. PoE is the key technology which forms the foundation for building automation. Thus, we are training the market on PoE adoption and its importance for an effective LAN environment. Keeping the industry trends and organisation requirements in mind, R&M develops innovative products and solutions to meet the standards of 4PPoE LAN cabling.”

Murugesan R, Senior Director, Sales – Private Networks at R&M India said, “PoE is the significant platform for future of automation and digital ceiling. It was required that our internal team and partners are well trained on the latest and upcoming trends in the market. This kind of training will help them stay ahead in understanding and catering the future technologies. We will be organizing more such training programs for our partner community in the near future.”


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