Rootstock Software partners with KVP Business Solutions to deliver Cloud ERP to international markets


Rootstock Software, a leading provider of cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions built on the Salesforce Platform and designed for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain organizations, today announced a channel partnership with KVP Business Solutions, a technology solutions company.

“We’re thrilled to partner with KVP, as it’s a customer-focused company highly knowledgeable on our ERP solution,” said Henk Bruinekreeft, Regional Vice President at Rootstock Asia Pacific. “KVP works with many manufacturers and distributors in countries that urgently need modern cloud ERP, including Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, France, and India.”

Ajay Prabhu, Customer Engagement Officer (CEO) at KVP, said, “We’re excited to offer Rootstock Cloud ERP to our customers. Having an ERP solution on the Salesforce Platform will enable customers to unleash their business potential. With CRM and ERP on one cloud, companies can leverage a 360-degree view of customers, a solid foundation for strategy, and a highly connected workforce.”

“Many of the countries that we’ll be targeting still have companies on legacy ERP systems,” added Bruinekreeft. “With the added benefits of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and a low-code ERP, companies will not only upgrade to a modern, flexible platform, but also enhance collaboration between sales and operations and be able to swiftly deploy capabilities, such as mobile apps, analytics, AI, processes and communities.”


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