Ryan International Group joins hands with Toppr to accelerate adoption of School OS


Ryan International Group of Institutions has announced a strategic collaboration with Toppr, one of India’s fastest-growing and transformative education technology companies, to launch the first-of-its-kind, integrated offline-online (Synchronous-Asynchronous) K-12 learning experience.

Speaking about the collaboration, Ryan Pinto, Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Group of Institutions said, “The disruption caused by the present situation has seen a huge acceleration towards online education redefining the way we approach teaching & learning. Our strategic collaboration is an important step towards the adoption of an integrated Synchronous-Asynchronous K-12 learning experience, that makes personalized learning an achievable reality for every child. Toppr, with its visionary technology leadership enabling delivery of personalized learning with superior learning outcomes, together with over 4 decades of Ryan group’s pan-India experience in K-12 schools across various curricula, has resulted in a unique a collaboration of strengths of the two organizations. This collaboration marks another important milestone in Ryan Group’s strategic move towards an adaptive, learning system that addresses the needs of all children regardless of circumstance, ability or geography. We already have 50,000 students on the platform and are aiming to have more than 200,000 onboard by October 2020”

He added, “We are happy that the new National Education Policy places a greater focus on technology in education and distance learning. The Ryan Group of Schools in line with this vision will further enhance the integration of technology in education, specifically distance education and blended learning through this Integrated learning platform – the School OS. We believe that this collaboration gives us the capability to truly revolutionize the K-12 learning experience, to enhance our ability to educate our children better and to provide teachers with superior E-learning tools and resources. Furthermore, this technology platform will enable us to extend our reach & impact. Our vision is to impact over 1 million learners annually by 2030.”

Zishaan Hayath, Founder and CEO, Toppr added “Ryan Group has set the benchmark for educational excellence in K12. We are pleased to partner with Ryan Group and look forward to rapidly rolling out our School OS to lakhs of students across their schools. This partnership is a powerful endorsement of our latest platform for schools that unifies in-school learning with after-school learning.”

He added, “Toppr School OS is built on the ethos of Toppr — personalization, high-quality UX, and deep content — and moves forward our mission to make learning personalized. This platform will enable teachers to do what they do the best (i.e., teach) while the platform solves for high-quality content, standard learning experience, analytics, and automation. We strongly believe that technology will continue to deliver personalized learning with superior outcomes.”

Toppr School OS includes school-centric curriculum for International, CBSE, ICSE and all major state boards, digital infrastructure, adaptive learning, and analytics—allowing school authorities and principals to bring their schools online, with the help of a deep content library of 3 million pieces, robust infrastructure to facilitate live classes, algorithms enabling personalized learning & stellar performance tracking mechanisms.

Toppr’s platform is directly mapped to curricula across 22 boards, 17 subjects and 60 competitive exams for every grade. Schools are now able to control both in-school and out-of-school time to provide one systematized, blended, pedagogic experience. Toppr is a first-of-its-kind unified learning solution where teachers, counselors, and parents become collaborators in the student’s learning journey. There is transparency and alignment for the learner’s aspirations as all work and tests are recorded on the system, creating a single continually adapting learner profile.


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