SaaS blockchain start-up Cion Digital set to expand in India


US-based SaaS blockchain orchestration platform Cion Digital, dedicated to R&D and crypto financing and payment solutions, is opening its first office in India. The expansion strategy includes setting up an R&D centre in Pune, the emerging startup hub of India. The company plans to invest INR 50 crores in this and is hiring 100 + engineers with expertise in blockchain technology.

Cion Digital’s entry into the Indian market happens at an opportune time when the Government of India along with RBI is ready to launch a digital currency using blockchain and other supporting technology to accelerate digitalization in the country. India’s digital assets economy has been on a growth trajectory with over $6bn worth of investments.

While cryptocurrency adoption is increasingly becoming mainstream, traditional businesses and financial institutions reliant on legacy technology infrastructure still face significant challenges in adapting to the complexities of this fast-changing digital asset sector. Cion Digital makes it easy for established businesses, financial institutions, and retailers to succeed in the digital asset economy without developing new systems, hiring more development resources, or putting their existing business at risk. They offer a modular platform and ready-to-deploy payment and lending solutions that make incorporating digital assets into existing payment and financing systems simpler and faster. Their suite of applications and services provides companies with rapid access to all the connectivity, infrastructure, and support needed to rapidly deploy blockchain-based real-time payments and financing.

“A recent report by crypto exchange, CrossTower, and US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) mentions that India will hold $1.1 trillion digital asset opportunity by 2032 and is a gateway to the future decentralized world a.k.a Web 3.0. With today’s digital-savvy India willing to experiment with this emerging asset class, we are happy to be bringing our platform that will enable traditional businesses to deploy and benefit from crypto-based payments solutions previously unavailable to them,” said Snehal Fulzele, Founder and CEO of Cion Digital.

“Our core strength is to help clients access revenue opportunities by expanding and integrating their existing financial systems to succeed in the evolving digital assets economy. We offer innovation without disruption. The funds we received will be utilized to expand R&D resources and accelerate the rollout of crypto financing and payment solutions tailored for Financial Services companies (Lenders, RIA’s, Banks and Neobanks) and Retailers (Auto, RV/Marine, Jewelry and Luxury Goods).” said Arpit Agrawal, Co-Founder & Chief Engineering Officer, Cion Digital.


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