SCIKEY Market Network’s May hiring activity indicates tech jobs on the rise


The job market has been rebounding from the pandemic downturn for most sectors, especially the Tech industry. Tech companies have been on full expansion mode as per the research on May hiring activity conducted by SCIKEY Market Network, a digital talent marketplace. However, SCIKEY also indicated a two per cent decline in the overall number of new job posts in the month of May. Flat hiring has been noticed in sectors like Banking (-12 per cent), Insurance (five per cent), Retail (-16 per cent) and FMCG (-12 per cent).

Tier-I cities like Mumbai (eight per cent), Bangalore (nine per cent) and Hyderabad (four per cent) indicated a surge in hiring in the month of May. Tier-II cities like Jaipur, Kochi and Vadodara indicated a decline in hiring in May by ten per cent, five per cent and six per cent (in negative) respectively.

Furthermore, the data revealed that Software developer, DevOps, Cloud and Data Engineer was the top most sought after job profile with an average 12 per cent to 16 per cent increase in May. Other profiles like Sales, Marketing, Site Engineering, HR, Finance and Project Manager demonstrate flat hiring.

The data findings also indicated that hiring for mid-level executives with 12 years of experience and leadership with more than 16 years of experience grew by five per cent and two per cent respectively in the month of May. However, hiring for entry level professionals, with three years of experience declined by four per cent negatively.

Karunjit Kumar Dhir, Co- founder, SCIKEY said, “It’s been a rough patch for most sectors since the lockdowns took place. Although, Tech companies have gained good momentum on hiring. Due to the shift to remote work and the surge in demand for certain online services, tech has been immune to the lockdowns to some extent. The increase in tech hiring also indicates that the Tech roles remain the most in demand due to increased competition and demand for new digital technology-led projects during the pandemic. This is a positive indicator that businesses are moving towards getting their growth plans into action and not just survival or business continuity strategies. Since, the economy is gradually boosting with the unlock measures and increased mobility, we are hopeful that the hiring activities will further improve in the rest of the sectors as well.”



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