Sendbird launches new offer to cut SMS spend by 50% and increase conversion rate by 2X


Sendbird, the global conversations platform for mobile apps with over 300 million monthly active users, announced Sendbird Notifications, a low-code, API-based solution that enables product managers and marketers to customize and send a persistent in-app notifications experience in minutes, delivering 2X the conversion at half the cost of SMS.

With Sendbird Notifications, business users can easily create and send interactive in-app messages at scale using Sendbird Notification Builder or directly from select marketing automation platforms, such as Braze or CleverTap, two new integrations announced. Notifications are easily customizable in a no-code template builder and can be further enriched with interactivity and rich media.

Unlike SMS messages that get lost in a customer’s phone messages folder and in-app push notifications that display then disappear, Sendbird Notifications are persistent – they can be accessed in a customisable in-app view, directly in a conversations feed, or anywhere in the app, at any time. The result is a new cost-effective channel for business-to-user communications that drive higher conversion compared to SMS and push.

In a time when business leaders must evaluate the value delivered from every technology investment, the performance of SMS is under scrutiny. While a popular business-to-user communications channel, SMS is plagued by high costs, increasing scams, low conversion, and a lack of reliable performance metrics.

“Customers of all sizes have shared that SMS is the black box of their spend,” said Sendbird CEO and Co-founder John S. Kim. “SMS is a necessary channel for user acquisition, but once a user is acquired it is substantially more costly, and efficient and effective to drive action in the app. We are thrilled with the results from our Notifications beta program, which has proven that in-app messages are highly effective at reaching and converting customers.”

Organisations that participated in the Sendbird Notification beta program saw significant savings from SMS at 2X conversion rates. Sendbird Notifications makes it easy for customers anywhere in the world to deploy its solution and achieve similar results with just a few lines of code.

“Sendbird has proven to be very helpful in significantly increasing engagement for notifications. We have achieved higher conversions and greater savings on our SMS communications,” Apurva Shetty, Product Manager at Porter. “The successful integration of notification solutions into the system has seen a surge in our business-to-user communications.”

Sendbird also offers solutions for mobile user-to-user chat and support. Notifications can be configured with all Sendbird products in-app, offering customers an optional unified inbox for all user-to-user and business-to-user communications, or any combination of Sendbird chat, voice & video, live video streaming, and support.

A Better Way to Engage Customers

Sendbird Notifications supports every type of in-app business-to-consumer communications, including marketing promotions and messages, transactional updates, and operational prompts. Many of these messages are delivered via SMS today for high cost and suboptimal conversion. Sendbird Notifications makes it easy to migrate these messages in app and to support an ongoing in-app messaging channel at a much lower cost and higher conversion.

With Sendbird for Braze and Sendbird for CleverTap, product managers and marketers can use their existing marketing automation solutions to deliver rich, interactive, persistent in-app messages to segmented audiences as fast and easily as creating an email.

Once connected, marketers and customer experience managers can go into their campaign workflow, choose an audience segment, select from pre-built Notification templates, compose and personalise messages with rich media, buttons, and links, and see a live preview of the message before hitting send. Then the message is instantly delivered to the users’ apps. All of this is possible from the convenience of an easy-to-use no-code WYSIWYG message composer. Zero coding skills are needed, and no dev support is required.

Offer for New Notifications Customers

Sendbird guarantees that it will reduce eligible new Notifications customers’ SMS spend by 50%. The company announced that it would provide messaging contracts for 50% off of a customer’s existing SMS


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