SITA launches a revitalised portfolio to meet the industry’s changing demands


Your Runway to Success, published by SITA, sets out five critical areas for the air transport industry’s rebuild in the next 18 months and highlights SITA’s remodeled solutions to tackle the major challenges facing air travel in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Over the past 12 months, Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the aviation industry financially and operationally. IATA estimates a net loss for the airline industry of US$ 47.7 billion in 2021. IATA research also reveals that average passenger processing and waiting times have doubled from what they were pre-crisis during peak time – reaching three hours despite travel volumes hovering at around 30 per cent of pre-Covid levels.

With revenues dropping, growing passenger volumes and new health requirements impacting operations, it is forcing airline and airport executives to refocus their IT spending priorities to address these challenges, as reflected in SITA’s 2020 Air Transport IT Insights. In response, SITA has quickly pivoted its portfolio by modifying or launching new products and solutions to meet increased air transport industry demands for a healthy, safe and frictionless passenger experience, along with requirements for agility, resilience and cost-efficiency.


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