Sonicwall launches New-Gen firewalls for extended remote workforces


SonicWall has announced new zero touch-enabled, multi-gigabit SonicWall TZ firewalls with SD-Branch capabilities, along with a redesigned cloud-native management console that helps streamline operations through fresh and modern user interfaces.

“The new business norm is forcing organizations to rethink security for remote users and distributed networks,” said SonicWall Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Atul Dhablania.

“SonicWall’s new SD-Branch ready next-generation firewalls, along with re-engineered SonicOS, provide multi-gig malware inspection for increased security needs and advanced protection against threats hiding in the encrypted TLS 1.3 traffic.”

A cornerstone to its Boundless Cybersecurity platform, the new SonicWall TZ570 and TZ670 next-generation firewalls are the first desktop firewall form factor to offer multi-gigabit (5/10G) interfaces for connectivity with SonicWall Switches or other networking devices in SD-Branch deployments.

Included on the new TZ firewall series, SonicOS 7.0 offers administrators a new security experience with modern user interfaces, intelligent device views, advanced security control, plus critical networking and management capabilities. Using SD-Branch-ready capabilities, connectivity and security to branch or distributed locations can be deployed within minutes, delivering unified visibility and threat detection from a single pane of glass.

The new appliances can be managed via the new cloud-native Network Security Manager (NSM) 2.0, giving organization a single, easy-to-use cloud interface for streamlined management, analytics and reporting with innovative new user interface and user experience.

“SonicWall is not just a product, it’s a community,” said Leaf Cloud Service Engineer Justin Archer. “It’s a range of security products that work and work well, with an extremely strong team behind them who are willing to help if you get stuck. With the re-imagined OS, the speed of the interface feels like working on a powerful computer. It’s smooth and sleek and allows for a more granular dissection of what the firewall is doing. Paired with the new NSM, where the interfaces are practically identical, it is a GUI match made in heaven.”

The new TZ series appliances complement the growing presence of affordable gigabit internet speeds and help organizations stop the most advanced cyberattacks without impacting network performance.

“The new TZ670 is the first desktop form factor firewall with multi-gig interfaces, is 5G ready and able to manage connected switches and access points,” said SonicWall Vice President of Products, Jayant Thakre. “With improved user experience and faster security inspections, the new TZ firewall series delivers SD-WAN, advanced security, and complete visibility for WAN edge deployments.”

The new TZ570 and TZ670 firewalls can reach threat prevention speeds up to 2.5 Gbps, even with all security services on. Connect and secure up to 1.5 million devices or users — a 900% increase in maximum connection per appliance. For SSL/TLS connections, the TZ570 and TZ670 firewalls can secure up to 30,000 concurrent connections with DPI enabled.

Already enabled for zero-touch capabilities, new TZ firewalls are easier to deploy and manage with the new SonicWall SonicExpress mobile app. This allows administrators to easily onboard TZ firewalls within minutes via an easy 1-2-3 process: simply register, connect and manage.


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