Splunk announces Partnerverse enhancements at global partner Summit 


Splunk Inc announced Splunk Partnerverse program enhancements and underscored its commitment to accelerating partner success during its Global Partner Summit (GPS) at .conf22, Splunk’s 13th annual user conference. GPS provides Splunk partners with the tools and knowledge to sell, build, manage and advise with Splunk solutions as well as how to best align and take advantage of the Partnerverse program benefits. The new Partnerverse enhancements will help Splunk’s 2,400+ partners expand and differentiate their offerings.

“Splunk is investing in our partners’ success through our Partnerverse Program with new features and resources to support and enable our expanding global partner network,” said Bill Hustad, Vice President of Alliances and Channel Ecosystems, Splunk. “Partnerverse enables the Splunk partner community to maximize impact by developing the necessary skills, achieving the right certifications and building capabilities that support customers. Together with our partners, Splunk customers can realize their vision for security, resilience and innovation.”

New Partnerverse Features

During GPS, Splunk introduced new Partnerverse benefits and tools designed to accelerate partner impact. Enhancements include access to the Splunk Cloud Sandbox, a dedicated, persistent, and non-production Splunk Cloud Platform environment. For a duration of 12 months, eligible partners can access a 50GB, single tenant, cloud stack environment to learn about Splunk cloud products, build and test solutions, and demonstrate their solutions on Splunk Cloud to existing and new customers. Splunk also released a new online Solutions Catalog where partners can showcase their expertise and Splunk-based offerings and services to attract and connect with potential customers.

In addition, Splunk launched a new Funded Partner Training benefit as part of its Partnerverse program to help Splunk partners build solution competencies and drive enablement. Each eligible partner will receive two coupons for Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect and/or the Splunk Cloud Administration course. These trainings help prepare partners for certifications that validate an individual’s skills and knowledge of data management and system configuration for data collection and ingestion in a Splunk Cloud Platform or Splunk Enterprise environment. Eligible partners will continue to have access to a 50 percent discount on all individual instructor-led and self-paced Splunk training.

Splunk Announces New Customer Immersion Experience Center

Splunk also announced it will work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a new and groundbreaking Customer Immersion Experience Center in its Splunk office in London Paddington to demonstrate the impact of data and digital transformation. This immersive experience will provide each Splunk customer with tailored, real-world applications to unlock innovation, enhance security, drive resilience and deliver an inspirational vision of their cloud journey. All attendees across core industries, starting with retail, will engage with Splunk’s cloud-based solutions to see first-hand how an effective data strategy can elevate their innovation in a fast-paced world, reduce costs, and ensure they can stay ahead of the competition.

“We work very closely with Splunk and Splunk partners, and are committed to providing our joint customers with opportunities to innovate with confidence, migrate and modernize existing environments, and scale without limits,” said Ruba Borno, Vice President, Channels and Alliances, AWS. “The Customer Immersion Experience Center will take this one step further in developing effective data strategies to help our customers expedite digital transformation and drive success.”

Splunk Wins Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year – Marketplace

Splunk received the 2021 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year – Marketplace award for its achievements in the Google Cloud ecosystem, helping joint customers to transform their businesses. The combination of Google Cloud’s AI-powered, industry focused products and services and Splunk’s industry-leading data platform has empowered Splunk’s global customers to accelerate their cloud transition while helping them digitally transform and reimagine their business.

“This award recognizes Splunk’s commitment to customer success, and its delivery of innovative and impactful solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace,” said Bronwyn Hastings, Vice President of Global ISV Partnerships and Channels, Google Cloud. “We’re proud to recognize Splunk as our Technology Partner of the Year Marketplace, and we look forward to continuing our work together building and creating business value for customers with cloud technologies.”

Congratulations to the Splunk Partner Awards Winners

Splunk recently recognized a number of global high-growth and strategic partners at the Splunk Global Partner Awards. These partners drive positive business outcomes, as well as help joint customers leverage Splunk to solve their challenges and share Splunk’s customer-first mentality. To learn more about the Splunk Global Partner Award winners, please visit the Splunk blog.

.conf22 is an opportunity to see the strength of the Splunk Partnerverse in action and Splunk appreciates the support from its .conf22 sponsors. For more information on .conf22 announcements, visit the Splunk .conf22 website.


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