Stratbeans enhances sales productivity for its customers


 Stratbeans has empowered its customers in the corporate sector to redefine sales enablement effectively with its digital solutions. Hundreds of Stratbeans’ customers from the BFSI, Healthcare, and Manufacturing sector benefited from its advanced solution that provided sales teams with the resources they needed to effectively sell, resulting in a 23% increase in productivity.

Stratbeans helped businesses in the process of providing the hands-on simulation of sales situations through coaching tasks of information, content, and tools that helped employees to sell more effectively and engage the customer throughout the buying process in a virtual environment. More than creating marketing-sales alignment and boosting content effectiveness, Stratbeans ensured that organizations were equipped to support customer-facing employees and were abreast with the knowledge of the products, services, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

The company provided detailed analytics on sales activities, thereby helping in the training and development processes and making synergy between marketing teams and frontline revenue-generating teams. Such efficiencies brought about remarkable new benefits for marketing, salespeople, purchasers, and the organization all in all.

Commenting on the same, Pradeip Agarwal, COO & Co-founder, Stratbeans, stated “The year 2020 had businesses introspecting and working towards a better business model, upskilling teams, and increasing their knowledge base. Being an enabler of digital transformation for our customers, we identified a new business value to deliver to them. With our advanced platform, we helped them create engaging content for enhanced business success backed by a higher rate of customer acquisition as well as more streamlined operations. We are glad to have created a positive impact on their bottom line during these challenging times.”

Stratbeans’ sales enablement tools use powerful advancements like AI, machine learning, micro-learning, automation, and different innovations to meet these needs and lift sales performance. Stratbeans sales enablement solution provides a repository for marketing collateral and sales playbooks to supply sales employees with content that is productive, valuable, and ideal during all parts of the selling cycle.


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