Stratos to upskill talent for the Salesforce ecosystem


Salesforce has announced its collaboration with Stratos, a talent solutions firm, to create a career acceleration platform for IT professionals within the Salesforce ecosystem. This unique collaboration will aim to deliver a holistic talent solution catering to the increasing demand for Salesforce-certified developers and architects in India and across the globe.

Stratos, a new strategic vertical dedicated to Salesforce talent, will deploy a ‘Hire-Upskill-Engage’ model, catering to the growing demand for Salesforce talent in India. Stratos will hire talent with an experience range of 18 to 60 months and will invest in training and upskilling individuals on Salesforce by leveraging the Trailhead platform. Upskilled consultants will then, through the Salesforce ecosystem of customers and partners, engage with prospective employers. Stratos aims to train and deploy 2000+ consultants by 2023. Stratos will have access to Salesforce training content that will help them to create a talent supply chain of Salesforce-trained professionals.

Speaking on the collaboration, Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO & Chairperson, Salesforce India, said, “As businesses focus on establishing a digital-first mindset to deliver customer and employee success from anywhere, upskilling is an imperative. These seismic shifts have resulted in the widening of an already large skills gap. We are excited to work with Stratos, leveraging this innovative model that will help upskill individuals and bridge the digital skills gap.”

Prince Jayakumar, CEO, Stratos, said, “The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, making Salesforce more relevant and strategic than ever. The Salesforce ecosystem continues to grow exponentially with immense potential for the future. With a holistic approach to talent acquisition and skill development supported with an innovative business model, embodied in Stratos, we look forward to launching careers for professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem.”


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