SUNeVision ties up with Tencent Cloud to extend connectivity in Asia


SUNeVision Holdings Ltd. announced a new strategic collaboration with Tencent Cloud to further expand both parties’ presence and connectivity in Asia. Tencent Cloud is now available on SUNeVision MEGA Campus to address its fast-growing customer demand.

As part of Tencent Cloud’s strategic deployment in Asia, this addition will be its third data centre (availability zone) in Hong Kong:

Expanding presence in Hong Kong: The launch of the third availability zone in Hong Kong is part of Tencent Cloud’s strategy to rapidly and efficiently expand its cloud infrastructure and international portfolio. The addition of availability zone on SUNeVision MEGA Campus would further support Tencent Cloud to scale up its infrastructure-building capabilities to enhance its rich array of global services.

Advancing customers’ hybrid cloud strategy: SUNeVision provides customers with direct connectivity to Tencent Cloud on MEGA Campus, a highly connected data centre campus with global top ten connectivity, without going through the public internet. This new availability zone in Hong Kong will enable Tencent Cloud to be closer to its customers in the region in order to reduce access delays to data and applications.

Strengthening connection across regions: With 9 out of 11 City Points of Presences (PoPs) of major submarine cables located on SUNeVision MEGA-i, Asia’s number one connectivity hub, this collaboration will further enhance Tencent Cloud’s unparalleled connectivity for cross region data transfer. With Hong Kong as a springboard to the rest of mainland, customers across different industries, in particular finance, retail, content providers, OTT players and gaming companies, can leverage MEGA-i as the gateway to reach the mainland and Southeast Asia markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia etc.

In addition to a massive presence in the mainland and in-depth knowledge of the market, Tencent Cloud also has extensive global footprints operating 67 availability zones spread across 27 regions. Tencent Cloud is an ideal subject matter expert who can help Hong Kong, mainland and overseas businesses to expand globally.

Leveraging the Weixin’s ability to reach and connect with users: Weixin continues to grow its presence in the mainland, Hong Kong and Asia, including Weixin Pay and WeChat Pay HK, Mini Program, Official Account and more. As Weixin plays a key role in achieving digital success, the collaboration will also benefit from Weixin’s ability to reach and connect with users, particularly for finance and retail industries.

Raymond Tong, the Chief Executive Officer of SUNeVision says, “we are excited to strategically collaborate with Tencent Cloud to accelerate digitalisation in Asia. This collaboration will enrich our robust cloud ecosystem on MEGA Campus to help customers in China to go global and vice versa, cementing Hong Kong’s leading position as Asia’s connectivity hub. We look forward to providing more unique offerings to joint customers.”

Norman Tam, the Vice President of Tencent Cloud International says, “The third availability zone of Tencent Cloud on SUNeVision MEGA Campus will strengthen our cloud infrastructure in the region. Leveraging the Asia-leading connectivity and world-class facility of SUNeVision, we enjoy a scalable platform and unparalleled connectivity to expand internationally. Combined with our strong infrastructure in China and worldwide, as well as our comprehensive suite of cloud solutions applicable to different industries, this collaboration will allow us to further empower our customers to enter the China market and expand to the international market strategically.”


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