T-Hub ties up with Urbanco to transform the Maldives with smart and sustainable cities


T-Hub, India’s leading innovation ecosystem is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Urbanco, the foremost urban development corporation in the Maldives. The collaboration aims to foster innovation and actively contribute to the advancement of smart and sustainable cities in the Maldives.

The main objective of this collaboration is to support Urbanco’’s vision of transforming Maldivian cities into smart and sustainable urban centers. T-Hub will leverage its extensive network of startups and expertise to customize and deploy innovative solutions that align with the unique ecosystem of the Maldives.

The partnership aims to establish an innovation bridge between Urbanco and T-Hub, enhancing the India-Maldives international relations. It also seeks to enable the exchange of technology and innovation between India and Hulhumalè, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing between the two nations.

“We are excited to partner with Urbanco in their endeavor to create smart and sustainable cities in the Maldives,” said Mahankali Srinivas Rao (MSR), CEO of T-Hub. “T-Hub’s vibrant startup ecosystem and deep expertise in innovation will play a pivotal role in transforming Urbanco’s vision into reality. We look forward to co-create cutting-edge solutions and driving the growth of the innovation ecosystem in Hulhumalè.”

Through this partnership, T-Hub will actively scout for solutions in key areas such as smart infrastructure, smart parking, smart city solutions, and sustainable waste management solutions. Urbanco will collaborate in developing and implementing these solutions to transform Hulhumalè into a model smart city.

“We believe that this partnership with T-Hub will accelerate the development of smart and sustainable cities in the Maldives,” said Ahmed Athif, Managing Director, Urbanco. “T-Hub’s extensive network and expertise in the startup ecosystem will provide us with the necessary resources and innovative solutions to transform our cities. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and a brighter future for Hulhumalè.”

As part of the support offered by T-Hub, Urbanco will benefit from a range of resources and opportunities, including connections with T-Hub startups specializing in cyber security, data security, Prop Tech, smart city solutions, deep tech (AI/ML/Telecom technologies for Urbanco’s data center), and sustainability (recycling, waste to wealth solutions, waste management solutions). Additionally, Urbanco will have the opportunity to visit T-Hub and engage with startups and other ecosystem partners in these identified sectors, gaining valuable insights and fostering collaboration.

The collaboration will progress through a structured plan for the next 60 days. This plan includes an in-depth analysis of Urbanco’s roadmap for making Hulhumalè a smart and sustainable city, followed by the identification of mutual goals and potential solutions. The partnership will culminate in the delivery of outcomes, closure, and impact assessment to evaluate the success of the collaboration.


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