Tatvic Analytics redesigned the ‘Book a Test Ride’ web Form for Royal Enfield’s Website


In a recent data analytics-driven intervention, Tatvic Analytics, redesigned the web form that helps book a test ride (BTR) for a leading global motorcycle brand, Royal Enfield’s website that helped improve the conversion rate for interested buyers booking a test ride by 50%. Established in 2008 at the cusp of the global data boom, Tatvic Analytics is a leading data analytics consulting company headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, offering end-to-end data and marketing analytics consulting services and solutions.

“Attracting customers for taking a test drive through the website often helps generate direct leads for dealers. Post-pandemic, increasing numbers of automobile buyers often do their research online and then plan their visits to the showroom, being well-informed of what they need. The BTR platform on Royal Enfield’s website was one way of identifying and reaching out to interested buyers. Tatvic’s goal was to increase the page-views and attract traffic on the BTR form through strategic interventions,” said Mr Ravi Pathak, Co-founder and CEO, Tatvic Analytics.

To achieve this, Tatvic Analytics’ Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) team approached and collaborated with the Royal Enfield’s technical team to conduct a series of tests recommended a few changes in their old BTR Form for better traffic and conversions.

The tools used to re-design the forms include Analytics 360 and Optimize 360. A completely new design was created for the form by rationalizing the number of fields, reinforcing call to action(CTA), and making it more engaging to the user.

The experiment was done over a period of 27 days for both mobile and desktop platforms with a total of 51,500 user sessions. During the course of the experiment, Royal Enfield achieved a 50% higher conversion rate overall on both devices.

“Analysing the form-data helps gain detailed insights about consumer behaviour, which when mapped with other data points will help make strategic business decisions, identifying the right target groups, in turn, influence customer decision. Keeping this in mind, the new BTR form was designed, not just to make it simple and user-friendly but also backed by sound analytics tools,” Mr Pathak further said.

“Test drive is an all-important clincher to the two-wheeler purchase and the ”Book a Test Ride” form on our website plays an important role in generating leads for our dealers and influencing consumer decisions. Leveraging their comprehensive ‘Performing CRO Program’, the Tatvic Analytics team re-designed the “Book a Test Ride” form on our website. The re-designed form resulted in improved conversions and incremental leads from our website. I would highly recommend Tatvic’s Performing CRO Program to my industry colleagues who wants to drive incremental leads through a structured conversion rate optimization (CRO) approach,” said Mr Jatin Chhikara Digital Strategy Lead, Royal Enfield.


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