TeamViewer brings Augmented Reality to daily life via mobile app


TeamViewer, a global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalisation solutions, has introduced a new mobile app ‘lifeAR’ for the consumer market. The app for iPhones and Android smartphones is bridging the gap between digital conversations with friends and family, and the physical world, by enabling users to interact with each other through location aware AR annotations.

The app can be beneficial in various mobile and on the go use cases from supporting others in hard to describe situations to joint shopping experiences or simple social interactions.

The lifeAR app enables mobile to mobile group video calls with up to six participants, who can attach a range of AR markers, emojis, text and drawings to the real-world surrounding them, shared and jointly watched live through the camera feed from one of the participant’s phones.

AR annotations are permanently attached to real-life objects, even if the device view is momentarily panned away from those objects. Color-coded annotations allow for easy user differentiation and interaction during the experience. Additionally, the app can also be used to create ‘how-to’ video tutorials for any type of activity. All sessions can be recorded, paused for making screenshots, and instantly shared on social media from within the app.

Hendrik Witt, CPO, TeamViewer said, “We are excited to introduce lifeAR to all consumers around the globe. Democratising technology is part of our DNA. This is how TeamViewer started. Over the years, our standard TeamViewer software has been downloaded more than 2.5 bn times and became the embodiment for remote IT support. With lifeAR, we want to go one step further. It was our goal to develop a product enabling people to help each other with everyday challenges, for trouble-shooting, knowledge sharing, decision-making, and AR-based social interaction. With lifeAR, we make industry-proven AR technology accessible – for free and for everyone, in every situation. We look forward to hearing about the endless creative scenarios people will come up with while leveraging the power of lifeAR and we are sure this will also fuel our enterprise AR product roadmap.”


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