Tenable Unveils New Lumin Capabilities to Swiftly Predict and Address Cyber Risk

Tenable Inc., the Cyber exposure company, has announced new Tenable Lumin innovations that empower customers to align business objectives with cybersecurity initiatives. The latest enhancements to the Cyber Exposure Management Platform enable organizations to predict which vulnerabilities pose the greatest business risk and act with confidence to effectively reduce risk across their modern, distributed environments.
As the performance of our global economy increasingly depends on the uptime and security of digital infrastructure, cyber risk has become inherent to business risk. But the modern attack surface has expanded with new assets – from cloud to IoT to operational technology – and CISOs struggle to understand their true level of exposure and address risk based on business priorities.
The following capabilities announced today will help CISOs and their security teams address the challenges of managing, measuring and reducing cyber risk in modern environments:
Remediation Maturity helps security teams measure their speed and efficiency of remediating vulnerabilities and compares them against external peers and Tenable best practices. Remediation Maturity is now generally available in Tenable Lumin.
Mitigations evaluates the security team’s response to critical risks when timely remediation isn’t possible. It provides an inventory of end-point security controls for a more complete and accurate picture of an organization’s cyber exposure. This capability will be available in Tenable Lumin later in the fourth quarter of 2020.
Predictive Scoring delivers more accurate and comprehensive insight into an organization’s overall cyber exposure. Predictive Scoring infers the Exposure Scores of groups of assets before they have been assessed in detail. This capability leverages the data lake of similar assets and the criticality of vulnerabilities found on these devices, helping guide security teams to identify and improve visibility to areas of potential high risk. Predictive Scoring will be available in Tenable Lumin later in the fourth quarter of 2020.
Tenable’s predictive technologies are powered by Exposure.ai, which continuously analyzes 20 trillion aspects of threat, vulnerability and asset information with machine learning algorithms to predict critical exposure points before they can be leveraged in an attack.
“Technology investments are now powering our economy and have become central to our very way of life. Modern organizations require an innovative approach to cybersecurity – one that is holistic and predictive, not piecemeal and reactive, and most of all, aligned to the strategic priorities of the business,” said Renaud Deraison, chief technology officer and co-founder at Tenable. “Lumin now allows our customers to properly assess and track their Cyber Exposure and the maturity of their processes. For the first time, they can evaluate the ROI of their investments towards remediation and mitigation and understand how they stack up against their peers.”


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