The pandemic has created a paradigm shift, triggering a massive increase in the adoption of digital solutions: The Customer Engagement Trend Report 2021 by WebEngage


WebEngage, a marketing automation suite and customer data platform for digital consumer businesses, has announced the launch of its latest trends report – The Customer Engagement Report. This report analyses business and consumer trends from 2020 across nine industries and seven channels. The changes that unfolded in the year 2020 turned things around for brands and led them to adopt a digital-first engagement strategy from 2021 onwards. The key insights from 2020 help us navigate through the new normal from 2021 and beyond.

With the onset of the pandemic, businesses had a tough time navigating through the crisis of disrupted supply chain and the dip in consumer spending. However, this also led to 71 per cent of the customers spending more time online than earlier. This resulted in businesses adopting digital solutions to ensure continued user engagement. 

The Customer Engagement Report analysed data from 85+ million active users, 300+ million daily messages sent, 850+ million daily events to understand how users engaged during the pandemic. Considering the all-time high digital adoption rate for both consumers and businesses, the report further studies the digital-first strategy implemented by various sectors and the corresponding user engagement throughout the year. It helps depict rapid acceptance of the multi-channel marketing automation by consumer brands around the globe. 

Adding his thoughts, Avlesh Singh, Co-founder and CEO, WebEngage, “The need of the hour is for companies to step up and provide humanised and personal experiences to their customers across multiple touchpoints. Marketers must prioritise the intelligent utilisation of customer data in order to engage the new-age digital-first consumer effectively. This change is here to stay, and the trends will ring true all through 2021 and beyond, making it crucial for brands to step up their digital engagement.”

The Customer Engagement Report by WebEngage unlocks access to crucial insights about omnichannel user engagement for consumer businesses to deliver an exceptional customer experience in 2021. It also analyses volume and engagement data from the pandemic year 2020 across nine industries and seven channels to uncover actionable insights that help a brand craft a digital-first engagement strategy.


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