Toronto Business Development Centre signs MoU with InFED and IIM Nagpur for Indian entrepreneurs to scale up in North America


The Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC), at a virtual event held on April 15, 2021, signed a MoU with InFED and IIM Nagpur to launch joint ecosystem initiatives for startups and budding entrepreneurs looking to scale up in North America.

The event focused on the Indian startup ecosystems and explored pathways to orchestrate growth opportunities for high potential startups. Neha Bahl, CEO, TBDC spoke at the session around TBDC and SUV covering landscape in Canada and being the go to market for Indian startups, emerging trends and opportunities that will impact the startup ecosystem in North America.   

Prof. Bhimaraya Metri, Chairman InFED and Director IIM Nagpur stated that InFED, IIM Nagpur and TBDC, Canada are a natural fit for furthering the goal of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, noting that startups are an important element for the growth of any economy. 

IIM Nagpur is the first IIM in the country to sign MoU with TBDC, Canada. Prof. Metri detailed how Nagpur, one of the fastest growing cities in India is well placed to become the hub for innovation and entrepreneurial growth. The location of IIM Nagpur in the heart of the multiproduct special economic zone and its proximity with the industry makes it ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

He highlighted that the eight Centres of Excellence at IIM Nagpur covering a range of areas promoted state of the art research and focused on practicing research that is helpful for the industry as well as the community. 

Neha Bahl, CEO, Toronto Business Development Centre said, “TBDC has a rich history and has long been committed to empowering the startup ecosystem on a global scale. Our partnership with InFED and IIM Nagpur is an important development and we are thrilled to help drive these initiatives for startups in Canada.”


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