Trend Micro partners with cybersecurity training providers to free training content


Trend Micro has announced partnerships with several cybersecurity training providers to help businesses protect their employees from the latest cyber threats. Trend Micro is teaming up with four partners: NINJIO, InfoSec, NextTech Security, and GoldPhish.

The new training materials are available on Trend Micro’s Phish Insight tool. This new educational platform will offer customers a diverse library of training content to enhance employee awareness initiatives and arm organisations with the resources they need to improve overall enterprise security.

“All businesses today are susceptible to socially engineered phishing emails and BEC attacks, which can cause severe financial and reputational damage. We want to help make the digital world safer, and have partnered with four leading organisations from around the world to offer educational resources to complement our free Phish Insight tool. Adding educational resources allow companies to not only test their employees’ security awareness, but also improve this awareness,” said Wendy Moore, Vice President – Product Marketing, Trend Micro.


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