Trend Micro protects L&T-Chiyoda offering futuristic security solution


Trend Micro offers advanced security solutions to L&T-Chiyoda for its endpoints, providing them state-of-the-art protection and business resilience. Trend Micro Apex One which was successfully implemented on the endpoints provides maximum protection through automated detection and response. Trend Micro ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino, an on-premises secure email gateway gives top-of-the-range protection against targeted email attacks and spear phishing.

For L&T-Chiyoda, Connected Threat Defense was the key to holistic and complete security. This was made possible with Trend Micro’s solutions that were integrated with third-party perimeter firewall using API, providing comprehensive security. And with Trend Micro Apex Central, it is extremely simple and effective to monitor and act upon the security findings within the organization in a timely manner.

On why they implemented Trend Micro’s solutions, Bihag Acharya, Deputy General Manager, L&T-Chiyoda Limited said “The rapid change in our business model mandated use of a modern and futuristic security solution. We were looking for a solution that could provide multiple layers of security and protection by use of multiple techniques like intrusion prevention, file/URL reputation, machine learning, behavioural analysis, application control, vulnerability management, zero-day threats and ransomware protection along with remediation without manual intervention. And the solution effectiveness should not change, just because a workload is delivered from cloud.”

He further added, “Trend Micro Apex One solution has significantly reduced the level of manual intervention required, thereby having a positive impact on the productivity levels. This has freed up approximately 15-20% of the time spent by our employees working in resolving security issues, thereby enabling them to focus the time saved on other critical production related issues.”

Vijendra Katiyar, Director – Enterprise Business, India & SAARC, Trend Micro said, “Trend Micro’s endpoint solution that uses a cross generational blend of modern techniques, elevated L&T-Chiyoda Limited’s security posture and provided robust protection. With centralized monitoring capabilities of Trend Micro Apex One, L&T-Chiyoda Limited was able to get a comprehensive view of their endpoints. Also, the vulnerability protection through virtual patching eliminated any inherent risk.”

L&T-Chiyoda Limited is looking to implement Trend Micro Deep Security solution for its servers as well as Trend Micro Cloud App Security for its planned cloud-based workload. The purpose-built solution will need to offer zero security gaps for their on-premises and cloud environments.


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