TRINETRA, an AI app for Uttar Pradesh Police Department

O P Singh, IPS, Director General, UP Police

Staqu announced the launch of TRINETRA, an AI application for the Uttar Pradesh Police Department. The application digitizes and search records using AI and carries records of criminals, assisting police forces at ground zero with real-time information retrieval during investigations, regular checks, verifications, and at police checkpoints. The app is launched under the leadership of O P Singh, IPS, Director General of UP Police, with S.K. Bhagat, IGP Crime, and Somen Barma, SP Crime of Uttar Pradesh police driving the project under their supervision. Other noted police officials also attended the launch of TRINETRA held in UP 100 headquarter today.

TRINETRA equips police forces to carry superior technology in their pockets. With this application, police personnel can easily register or search for criminals via simple biometric features, such as images or videos. The app is powered by Staqu’s expertise in facial recognition, visual search, machine learning, and deep learning, works well with low resolution images and videos, and offers better accuracy than any other criminal recognition system. With AI-powered Gang identification Technology, TRIENETRA not only identifies a criminal but also their associates active in different districts and part of the states.

The Uttar Pradesh deployment comes with superior updates. It is connected with the data from the all the prisons, DCRBs, SCRB, and CCTNS and creates non-ambiguous, non-repetitive data of criminals active in the state. In fact, it is the first police app carrying records of around five lakh criminals that are active in different districts and parts of the state. Staqu has also commissioned AI-powered phonetic search in the app, helping police forces search for criminals with better accuracy, even if the name is wrongly spelled in the database.

Upon the launch, TRINERTA is expected to reach 75 districts, 6 GRP (railways police), ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squads), and STF (Special task force) through android app. Within a week of pilot phase of the app, TRINETRA has assisted the police to nab one high-profile criminal wanted in the case of a day shoot-out in Lucknow.

Commenting on the latest development, Atul Rai, CEO and Co-Founder of Staqu, said, “At Staqu, it has been our constant endeavour to apply artificial intelligence in solving the real-world problems. The launch of TRINETRA in Uttar Pradesh helps us take our agenda forward and empower the resilient and brave police forces working at ground zero with superior tech assistance, real-time data recall facilitated with facial recognition and other biometric identification. We are humbled and deeply grateful for the vision of the Uttar Pradesh Police Department and their support all throughout the various stages of deployment.”

O P Singh, Director General of Uttar Pradesh, Police added, “This is the era of incredible technology and we are happy that young ventures like Staqu are deploying their expertise to make this world a safer space. Being in the field for so long, it is for the first time that we have witnessed police forces working at ground zero being supported by superior and easy-to-use technology. This is a revolutionary, much-awaited and welcome change!”

Staqu has revealed its long-term vision with the launch of TRINETRA in Uttar Pradesh. In the next phase of the pilot, Staqu intends to introduce vehicle search technology on the mobile app, along with enable search by voice samples through its advanced AI-powered speaker identification technology. By that time, the app will also support fingerprint based identification and active geo-fencing of police personnel from command centre of TRINETRA.


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