Unnati will hire 300 employees across verticals by FY2022


Unnati, a FinTech-driven agriculture ecosystem, has announced plans to expand its team size by adding 300 additional employees to its current 199-strong team by FY22 to further drive its growth journey. The platform will be hiring at least 50 members in the technology division at various ranks while also onboarding senior members in the Finance, Business & Sales, and Agronomy verticals in the upcoming months. Unnati will be using platforms such as LinkedIn, The Hirist, and Naukri.com, along with referrals for the hiring.

Even amidst turbulent times, Unnati has displayed remarkable resilience and achieved an exceptional growth rate through innovation. In the last six months, the platform has clocked 10X revenue growth and has already established a wide-ranging network of over 15,000 uStores in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Haryana. With the hiring of additional employees, the brand plans to increase that number up to 1,00,000 uStores across India to strengthen its foothold in the cutting-edge agritech sector and will be inaugurating uStores in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Punjab in FY22.

Speaking on the hiring and sharing some insights on the platform’s updated HR policies, Co-Founder, Mr Ashok Prasad, Unnati said, “In the last two years, Unnati, much like businesses in other verticals, has changed radically and rightly so. Unnati has always been on a quest for innovation, and this has been reflected in our out-of-the-box and unconventional HR policies. Keeping the importance of proper work-life balance to enhance an employee’s overall productivity, we have created workplace flexibility at Unnati. The idea is to protect and support employees through the toughest of situations, as Unnati firmly believes that happy and satisfied employees can automatically alleviate the organization’s performance. We are continuously working on establishing a positive, performance-driven, and open atmosphere for our employees. We aim to nurture individuals so that we can reach greater heights.”

He further stated, “The COVID-19 has disrupted the way we used to see and approach challenges. To keep pace with the rapidly evolving times, we have reformed our recruitment policies. The new normal has forced us to conduct interviews through virtual mediums. However, it is also largely beneficial for a sustainable future due to its cost-cutting attributes and technology-driven methods. In fact, the online recruitment process has opened doors for a several talented professionals seeking new opportunities. In addition, leveraging the modernistic methodologies, Unnati has successfully shifted all internal communications online, which has helped work efficiency and on-time deliverables.”


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