Usertesting’s new capabilities offer more ways to collect diverse perspectives with greater security


UserTesting, a leading provider of on-demand human insight, has announced new features that help teams quickly validate any decision, present custom confidentiality terms when gathering feedback and save time collecting intelligent insights quickly with visualisations powered by machine learning. 

The company’s new short test feature makes collecting diverse customer perspectives faster and easier by asking a few targeted questions that return five-minute video responses. This new type of test is perfect for any team conducting short preference or A/B tests, gathering first impressions, benchmarking, testing concepts, and more. New templates for common scenarios empower any team, regardless of experience, to gather impactful feedback and perspectives across core audiences.

“As companies and consumers increase their reliance on digital experiences, surveys are not enough. UserTesting enables companies to get real feedback at scale and reduce bias to understand and improve digital experiences,” said Rebecca Wettemann, Principal Analyst, Valoir, a leading IT analyst and advisory firm.The flexible pricing and new short video capabilities, templatised approach, and interactive path flows make sophisticated digital experience research more accessible and scalable, even for companies with limited resources,” added Wettemann.

“The ability for companies to gather quick customer perspectives, keep information secure, and gain stronger insights through visualisations makes a huge difference in the race that many companies find themselves in today. These latest innovations from UserTesting are designed to make gathering human insights easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Customer expectations are at an all-time high, and UserTesting is focused on ensuring companies make the best decisions with human insights included,” said Kaj Van De Loo, CTO, UserTesting. 


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