Veeam integrates Availability Platform and Pure Storage FlashArray


Veeam Software, the all-flash storage platform, has announced a new integration between Veeam Availability Platform and Pure Storage FlashArray to deliver business continuity, agility and intelligence for the modern enterprise. “Storage integration is a key capability for the Veeam Availability Platform. It improves backup and recovery and then goes well beyond that to empower the digital enterprise to leverage production data in new ways to drive value, including greater agility, faster time to market, lower costs, reduced risk, and enhanced operational management. Through our partnership with Pure Storage, we are providing customers with a radical new way to deliver competitive advantage,” said Danny Allan, Vice President – Product Strategy, Veeam.

“Pure Storage and Veeam provide a compelling solution for businesses that are undergoing a digital transformation,” said Sandeep Bhambure, Managing Director – India & SAARC, Veeam.

The new Veeam and Pure Storage integration is designed to meet the requirements of today’s Always-On Enterprise – a business that operates seamlessly with improved recovery SLAs – by enabling:

  • Superior data protection and backup performance with Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots: Joint customers can lower the impact on their production environment by using Pure Storage snapshots and back up more frequently to dramatically improve RPOs. Additionally, customers can create snapshot-only jobs to create additional, more frequent recovery points.
  • More rapid and efficient recoveries with Veeam Explorer for Storage Snapshots: Customers can recover individual items or entire VMs quickly and efficiently directly from Pure Storage snapshots for much faster RTOs.
  • Easy access to production data copies with Veeam DataLabs (formerly known as Veeam Virtual Labs): Customers can use Pure Storage snapshots to create an on-demand isolated test environment to leverage copies of a production workload for testing and development, analytics, and security to drive business change.
  • Rapid recovery: Joint customers can use Pure Storage FlashBlade, the industry’s first scale-out storage system architected from the ground-up for unstructured data, as a Veeam Ready Repository, allowing customers to leverage all Veeam software capabilities. This joint solution reduces data restoration times for large data sets and critical applications from days to minutes.

Additionally, Pure Storage FlashStack, a converged infrastructure solution that enables organisations to grow and protect digital revenues, can also be used with Veeam to maximise CI Availability with the Veeam Availability Platform.

“Involta has built strong strategic relationships with Pure Storage and Veeam that have been key to our success in the managed services space. Our mission is to simplify IT intelligence and end-to-end infrastructure for organisations that rely heavily on IT to achieve critical business outcomes. Veeam and Pure Storage enable better scale of our existing systems, higher performance, and smaller backup and replication windows. This API-level integration dramatically reduces the complexity in our data protection designs, which ultimately enables our customers to get back online sooner for production and decreases network bandwidth usage. Any time you can save time and resources, it’s a good thing,” said Mike Meloy, EVP/GM of Involta, LLC, the first MSP partner in the US for Pure Storage and a Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) Partner.

Key benefits the partnership:

Business continuity: Gives enterprises the means to ensure availability for a wide range of data environments, and strengthens user confidence that their digital life will be available when, where and how they want it.

Agility: Together, Pure and Veeam provide agile infrastructure and operational simplicity, making it easy to deliver on-demand, elastic services to every user, developer, and application across private, public, and SaaS clouds without interruption.

Intelligence: Joint customers gain the ability to analyse all of their production data continuously to meet today’s business demands for real-time analytics across a wide range of data and data types.

“Pure Storage and Veeam have dramatically simplified previously complex environments. The addition of Veeam snapshot integration for FlashArray, combined with FlashBlade for Rapid Recovery, provides an end-to-end platform that’s modern, simple and future proof,” said Michael Sotnick, Vice President – Field and Channel Operations, Pure Storage.

This integration leveraged the new Veeam Universal Storage API, which simplifies the process of integrating storage with the Veeam Availability Platform. As a result, select Veeam Alliance partners, like Pure Storage, can be integrated more rapidly, providing more benefits to more customers in less time and delivering an even higher return on their IT investments.

“In our Voice of the Enterprise Storage Budgets and Outlook study, we found that 51 per cent of respondents wanted to see backup and disaster recovery tools integrated or bundled with their infrastructure platforms, while 29 per cent wanted hybrid cloud data/workload mobility integrated. The new integration between Pure Storage and Veeam is aligned with these trends, and this integration will only grow in importance as organisations seek to improve the operational efficiency of their environments. This partnership is an interesting match of opposites, blending Pure Storage’s strength in high performance all-flash storage with Veeam’s efficient data protection/management capabilities, allowing both partners to address a larger portion of the needs of their respective clients with an end-to-end offering,” said Henry Baltazar, Research Vice President, 451 Research.


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