Veeam redefines flexibility by being a fit in both legacy and modern environment alike


For cloud data management company Veeam, it is all about data backup, security and data retrieval in a sputnik speed with a dash of cloud to top it up. The company claims itself to be unique, because it crosses all bounds to be flexible enough to fit in any legacy or modern environment. The Veeam Availability Platform is the company’s backup solution for helping customers on the journey to achieving success in the five stages of cloud data management comprising Backup, Cloud Mobility, Visibility, Orchestration and Automation.

According to the 2019 Veeam Cloud Data Management report, 73 per cent of organisations are failing to meet users’ demands for uninterrupted access to applications and data; many companies are now looking to embrace cloud data management to better meet protection needs and leverage the power of their data.

Veeam has over 350,000 customers worldwide, including 82 per cent of the Fortune 500 and 67 per cent of the Global 2,000 companies, with customer satisfaction scores 3.5 times more than the industry average.

Establishments today are becoming more and more virtualisation-savvy as this gives them the ease of being hosted from anywhere. And in this tune, cloud has come into the IT landscape as a part of key strategies. Thus, the market for Veeam exists largely in terms of protecting the virtual environment – this is what the company has been pursuing for a long time.

Veeam grows from strength to strength in India

Veeam works closely with partners including HPE, NetApp, Cisco, Microsoft, and AWS, among others. The data management company does not build a hardware by itself. Instead, the focus is on delivering good software and partner with platform and hardware providers who can take care of the other aspects. This is how Veeam offers more value to customers.

Sandeep Bhambure, Vice President and Managing Director, India and SAARC, Veeam Software, is that, “Unlike legacy companies whose solutions are more compatible to its own fortified environment. Veeam’s software is flexible enough to be a fit in any environment. That is why it makes me feel that hardware infrastructure companies cannot continue to be backup companies, since they will not be allowed to get their arms around the data sprawl. And this makes Veeam unique in this space as a software provider.”

Veeam which made its entry in India in 2016, started making strategic investments in 2017 sensing the potential of the country. “India was clearly part of the bigger picture, driving more towards enterprise was part of that. Earlier, India was managed by our European division, but soon we realized that this is not the way to go about. So we said, let’s really refocus on pumping additional resources, in the entire theatre of Asia Pacific and put India into that context. From then on we hired additional resources including dedicated inside sales capability. The chief of sales then hired her five woman team before she started the first day. So she built out an entire organization. And on the very first day, they had a half a dozen people ready to go. And I think that’s the edge we bring in,” informs, Dave Russell, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Veeam Software.

Emphasising on the importance of back-up, Shaun McLagan, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Veeam Software says, “We probably over rotated in 2018, talking about cloud data management. And we left behind the core of what we are, which is backup. So this year, we see our marketing, our messaging has a lot more backup content, and our tag-line is ‘backup for what’s next’. We would like to say we are unapologetically a backup company.”

“Veeam’s job is to allow organizations to work with all of the infrastructure providers. And even if the organisation has to go through a infrastructure strategy changes midway, that’s okay with us because we support all of it,” Shaun adds.

Veeam’s GTM Approach

The company has adopted a three-pronged GTM approach which it terms as the ‘three Cs’. “The first C of our GTM is Coverage. India is a vast market which includes around four million businesses- big and small. So its important that that we have a proper understanding of the coverage that we have to make. The second C is Champion, which means, we got to find one person in every large organization, who is enthusiastic and ready to transform and modernise their legacy platform. And the third C is Community, whereby we look to engage the community by creating awareness. Veeam’s motive is to be simple, flexible, and reliable. And once we have started generating that interest in these lines, it just kept going. So we will continue to foster learning opportunities, learning events, giving away free software, because I think its part of our responsibility to make sure that organizations are able to take advantage of the new opportunities. And they can do it if they are aware of the means and ways they can reduce risk and deal with compliance problems,” points out Sandeep.

Reiterating on being a comprehensive data management provider, Dave says “So, when we say data management, it’s about continuous availability, ensuring compliance and security against all kinds of cyber threats. While others may take literally 24-36 hours to update the copies. For us its a matter of minutes. And this is the method behind the magic.”



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