Verint empowers contact center users with engagement data insights


Verint launched Verint Engagement Data Insights providing business users no code, no training, self-service access to all of their engagement data using Verint Da Vinci AI for natural language search. The announcement was made during the company’s Engage 2023 customer conference.

Business users can now freely explore their organization’s engagement data using a highly intuitive, search-driven interface powered by Natural Language Search and Generative AI, with zero training required. Users can simply ask or type their questions into the Engagement Data Insights application to unlock key insights into what is happening in their business and the consequent actions they need to take to enhance their operations.

Out-of-the-box self-service dashboards and reports are designed to deliver unparalleled visibility into customer engagement operations, transforming raw data into meaningful visualizations and metrics. Now, business leaders can effortlessly monitor key performance indicators, track customer interactions and experiences, and analyze agent performance. Drawing on these insights, users can enhance customer experiences, maximize operational efficiency, and drive rapid return on investment.

“Today’s organizations grapple with unifying, managing, and accessing huge amounts of siloed customer engagement data,” says David Singer, global vice president, go-market-strategy. “With Verint Engagement Data Insights, business leaders can now access and harness customer engagement data directly. There’s no reliance on outside sources or IT to provide the reports needed to make data-driven decisions.”

Engagement Data Insights draws on data in the Engagement Data Hub and is powered by Verint Da Vinci AI. Both the data hub and Da Vinci sit at the core of Verint’s Open CCaaS Platform.


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