Verint Open Platform Expands Integration with Webex by Cisco


Verint, The Customer Engagement Company, announced its expanded partnership with Webex by Cisco through the integration of the Verint Open Platform’s unified data hub into the Webex App Hub for Webex Contact Center.

Verint Open Platform is built around a unified data hub, which collects all of a brand’s behavioral data in a single repository to maximise the business value hidden in their behavioral data. Behavioral data consists of customer interactions, customer experiences (CX), and workforce data that are created across every touch point of the customer with the brand. For many brands, this behavioral data is typically locked up in numerous data silos, where it is hard to access or use for deriving critical business insights. The unified data hub can connect these disparate data silos so the data can then be easily accessed and leveraged to empower employees, supervisors and managers with insights and turn the organisation into a highly efficient, data-driven operation.

“Secure and accurate real-time data is critical for organisations to measure how they are performing against customer expectations,” said Jono Luk, vice president of product management, Webex by Cisco. “Verint’s Data Hub is now available as an integration with Webex Contact Center, where customers will be able to enhance customer engagement across every area of the business.”

The openness of the Verint Platform fits a brand’s enterprise ecosystem and enables them to adopt new innovations at their own pace based on business priorities. Verint Open Platform delivers the flexibility that drives ROI and future proofs technology investments.

“We’re excited to bring the power of CX automation to Webex App Hub to help brands unlock rich customer engagement data and drive strategic advantage. Our open platform built with artificial intelligence and data at the core is now interoperable and compatible with Webex,” says Verint’s John Bourne, senior vice president, global channels and alliances.


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