Vertiv Introduces New Combination Outlet for Geist Rack PDUs


Vertiv, a provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has introduced Vertiv Geist rack power distribution units (rPDU) with the new, patented Combination Outlet C13/C19 option that supports C14 and C20 plug types, simplifying the purchasing and provisioning of new rPDUs and other rack equipment. The Combination Outlet is available for shipment now in India for single-phase applications from 120-208V.

The Combination Outlet eliminates the complexity in deploying and managing IT rack configurations by adapting to any mix of hardware power configuration needs. When purchasing equipment, IT managers no longer need to define the type of IEC receptacle required or specify the location of receptacles on the rPDU, because every outlet accepts both C14 and C20 plug types. Moreover, datacenter managers can now avoid having to replace rPDUs as rack and power configurations change over time, substantially improving the lifecycle and return on investment for rPDUs. The Combination Outlet is available on the Vertiv Geist Upgradeable Basic, Metered and Unit-Level Monitored rPDUs, and Geist UPDU models.

“Vertiv continues to innovate its evolutionary rPDU design platform,” says Brad Wilson, vice president of global rack power distribution for Vertiv. “We brought the industry’s first hot-swappable upgradeable monitoring card, enabling datacenters to update their rPDUs on the fly as technology advances. And now we provide a new level of flexibility by allowing users to effortlessly adapt to the dynamic power requirements of today’s modern datacenter.”

The receptacles on the Combination Outlet are color-coded by circuit for instant identification and are designed to provide high cable retention and P-Lock compatibility to securely lock power cords in place and eliminate downtime due to vibrations, human error, or accidental disconnects during rack maintenance. The Combination Outlet is UL tested and compliant.

“Datacenters are constantly evolving as companies keep adapting to the changing industry landscape. At Vertiv, we have always aimed at innovating and upgrading digital infrastructure to support the growing needs of our customers. This new combination outlet for the Geist rPDU is yet another example of our efforts to stay true to our commitment of supporting and enabling the smooth functioning of critical facilities. This upgrade will give our customers the flexibility to seamlessly update their rPDUs and manage IT rack configurations. It has always been our priority to provide quality technology and solutions, and will definitely continue to do so,” said Smrutiranjan Das, country head – IT& Management systems business for Vertiv, India.


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