Vertiv introduces prefabricated modular data center offerings in India


Vertiv has launched Vertiv prefabricated modular data centers, modular data center infrastructure offerings, in India. The integrated solutions are flexible platforms, optimized for deployment of IT assets, and offer a simple way to install capacity in reduced time. They also provide easy scalability, allowing the data center operator to start with a solution that meets immediate requirements and to expand capacity as needed.

The Vertiv prefabricated modular data centers leverage Vertiv critical power and thermal management capabilities, and monitoring and control technologies. They integrate features from Vertiv’s solutions portfolio, including the modular and scalable Vertiv Liebert EXM uninterruptible power supply (UPS) power protection, row-based Vertiv Liebert CRV thermal management units with intelligent Vertiv Liebert iCOMTM controls, Vertiv VR racks, and Vertiv’s rack power distribution units (rPDUs). To optimize thermal performance, the modular data centers include thermal containment to isolate hot and cold aisle airflows.

“With the Indian government giving data centers infrastructure status, coupled with hybrid work culture gaining momentum, the data center market has become a critical component to support business operations. As a result, the industry is at the cusp of exponential growth and expansion, and data center providers are constantly evolving their solutions to suit the changing business requirements,” said Jaideep Roy – director – business development, integrated modular solutions, Vertiv. “The launch of Vertiv prefabricated modular data centers in India aligns with our belief of supporting our partners and customers with tailored solutions to maximize flexibility, scalability, and efficiency by integrating a business’ specific requirements into simplified, standardized designs, and solutions.”

The Vertiv prefabricated modular data centers are also equipped with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) to auto-select normal or emergency power sources depending on the requirement at a given time, as well as a clean agent fire suspension with the option of a Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA), and overhead infrastructure including piping, electrical distribution, and fibre ducts.

All subsystems are factory installed into purpose built, secure, weatherproof, and transportable enclosure – simplifying and drastically shortening on-site time required for installation, thus reducing the potential for delays. Configuration options are available to provide desired redundancy and battery runtime. In addition, when deploying multiple units at various locations, having a common look and feel, layout, and equipment kit simplifies maintenance and operations activities.


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