Vertiv launches compact cooling solution for Edge applications in India


Vertiv has introduced the new thermal management solution Vertiv Liebert SRC-G for the edge of the network in India. The new solution delivers high uptime and efficiency to small critical infrastructure, while using ‘zero’ indoor footprint. Liebert SRC-G is available now in India.

The wall-mounted Liebert SRC-G is available in capacities from 3 kW to 11 kW, occupying no ‘white space,’ and providing year-round cooling to IT equipment. The CE-certified Liebert SRC -G series can support sensible load operation year-round. It is equipped with energy-efficient technologies, including EC fans, R410A refrigerant, and rotary or scroll compressors. The Liebert SRC-G also features an advanced controller, including remote monitoring capabilities for added intelligence when managing edge IT locations.

“Vertiv understands the growing complexities of managing computing at the edge of the network,” said Andy Liu, director for integrated rack solutions at Vertiv in Asia. “Availability, efficiency and agility are vital to our customers, and our new offerings meet these requirements, with a high-efficiency room cooling system for small IT spaces. In addition, the efficiency features can help to support our customers’ sustainability strategies in the data center space.”

The Liebert SRC-G can sustain an outdoor temperature of up to 48 degrees Celsius, comes with a hydrophilic coated coil, and a high-efficiency EC fan with high airflow of over 255 CMH/kW. It has an advanced monitoring and control system specifically designed for technology room applications, a self-diagnostic feature which assists the servicing/maintenance process and drastically reduces response time.

“With rising global warming concerns, our world is experiencing higher temperatures than before, with data center and IT infrastructure sites being no exception. As a result, equipping  small technological rooms –  such as UPS & battery rooms, IT rooms, control rooms, VFD rooms, electrical rooms and ATMs – with thermal management solutions is crucial, especially in countries with a tropical climate like India”, said Liu. “As leaders in flexible, customizable solutions, we at Vertiv continue to adapt and innovate our solutions portfolio to keep up with the changing business and environmental landscape.”


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