Virsec partners with global distributor RAH Infotech for its security platform

Ashis Guha, CEO, RAH Infotech

Virsec forged a strategic partnership with RAH Infotech, a global distributor of cybersecurity, data management, disaster recovery, and cloud solutions, to jointly deploy the Virsec Security Platform.

Under the partnership with Virsec, RAH will leverage its countrywide distribution infrastructure to target a rapidly growing demand for advanced cybersecurity solutions in India. As Virsec continues to forge new interest and visibility in this dynamic region, partnerships with premier partners like RAH will be instrumental to capitalizing on the growing demand for cyber solutions that break the typical barriers found with conventional approaches.

“Looking at the manner in which security threats continuously evolve, legacy and traditional methods of addressing these complex threats are no longer an option. Virsec is pioneering a new approach to protecting application workloads at runtime,” said Ashis Guha, CEO, RAH Infotech. “We are proud to join hands with Virsec because this partnership will help us offer next-generation security solutions to mission-critical organizations in the high-growth business market in India.”

Leveraging backing from leading cybersecurity visionaries and the trust of customers such as Raytheon, Broadcom, and the U.S. Government, Virsec is driving a new evolution of cybersecurity solutions. The Virsec Security Platform takes an unconventional approach to monitoring and addressing modern-day threats and breaches that can go undetected for periods of time, exposing vulnerable systems and data.

Complete runtime visibility is instrumented in the server workload and delivers protection and awareness across the application stack from the inside. The solution maps what applications are allowed to do and instantly detects any deviation from normal, treats it as a threat, and stops it before damage is done. This kind of approach delivers the type of comprehensive protection mission-critical organizations require and protects all applications on any platform without prior knowledge.

“It is imperative we change the way we think about the protection of our assets and infrastructure. Conventional security tools, like blacklisting models, were designed to address yesterday’s challenges, and we can’t continue to accept these offerings as the ideal option to mitigate advanced threat scenarios,” said Bobby Gupta, Head of International Sales, Virsec. “As we look to build our business and reach in India, RAH Infotech is an incredibly knowledgeable distributor with substantial reach. With their help, we can help organizations realize more secure infrastructure, networks, applications, and data, enabling them to rest easy knowing they are prepared and protected should an incident occur.”


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