Virtusa Partners with the IBRI to Drive Innovation and Accelerate Therapy Research


Virtusa Corporation today announced its collaboration with the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) to accelerate Life Sciences research and development. This partnership will leverage Virtusa’s vLife open innovation platform to enable organizations to work in a connected ecosystem that allows them to access, validate, and adopt other firms’ technologies (e.g. analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence) and enhance the entire research and development process.

“Partnering with Virtusa will help the IBRI to achieve its objective of enabling regional, large life sciences companies to access data and technologies from a variety of organizations,” said Daniel H. Robertson, PhD, research fellow & vice president of Digital Technology, and director of the Applied Data Sciences Center for the IBRI. “Through the vLife open innovation platform, we’re exploring enabling Life Sciences firms to accelerate progress towards finding next-level treatments by providing seamless access to focused, timeline-driven collaboration with universities, government entities, healthcare providers, and other research institutes and organizations.”

Virtusa’s vLife open innovation platform is designed to engage teams to innovate and operationalize solutions faster. To enable a collaborative environment it uses open APIs that allow for the secure and speedy flow of information. As part of this vLIfe implementation, Virtusa and the IBRI will perform comparative analyses of synthetic data with real-world data of diabetes patients to better understand how synthetic data, which is not constrained by HIPAA regulations, can accelerate research. These analyses will measure the viability of synthetic data as an alternative to real-world datasets to drive research with the IBRI’s partners.

“The strategic partnership with the IBRI allows Virtusa to focus on supporting our client’s near-term objective of enabling accelerated discovery of diabetes treatment and its many long-term objectives through modern, mature, and dynamic technologies,” said Anthony Lange, senior vice president of Life Sciences, Virtusa. “This partnership aims to enable industry connections to drive innovation through extensive collaborative research on Virtusa’s vLife open innovation platform.”

Virtusa’s Life Sciences practice helps companies navigate the challenging landscape of drug pricing pressure, the patent cliff, increasingly stringent regulations, growth into emerging markets, and a shift to outcome-based payment structures. With a focus on developing and harnessing connected care platforms that are both data and AI-centered, Virtusa helps its clients to deliver better patient outcomes at a lower cost.


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