Visionet India launched ‘Loangility’ – A complete Point-of-Sale solution for Mortgage origination services built on Salesforce


Visionet India, a technology solutions and business process Management company has launched Loangility- A complete Point-Of-Sale (POS) for Mortgage origination services built on Salesforce. Loangility POS for Salesforce provides a layer over your existing Salesforce CRM and extends a fully functional Mortgage CRM to the Salesforce Customer Relationship Manager.

The primary difficulties faced in the mortgage industry were identified by BFSI team at Visionet India, early on and realized the biggest challenge faced by the loan officer was to seamlessly pre-qualify the produced leads. The capacity of Salesforce or other CRM is typically under-utilized, needs a tremendous amount of repeated manual keying of the same information in multiple applications and toggle between applications to qualify the leads from the CRM system. Loangility can now be used by Salesforce CRM lenders for the complete lead life cycle from lead intake to converting them to pre-qualified mortgage borrowers.  The loan officer can now execute Credit, AUS, pricing and price locking all in one Salesforce application. 

Loangility is a one-stop solution from Visionet for the complete lead life-cycle with various models such as Lead, Order Credit, AUS, Product Pricing and Pricing Lock. These multiple modules offer strategic benefits, such as saving productive time and delivering seamless customer experience as well. Today many Visionet clients are leveraging this solution and saving huge on manual processing time and becoming more competitive in the market with quicker qualification.

On the launch of this product Alok Bansal, MD and Country Head, Visionet India said, “Loangility is one of a kind products that we offer. We plan to leverage salesforce in the BFSI market with the aid of domain expertise. The product will allow the Salesforce CRM to directly view the data that would be used to consider pre-qualified leads… It is highly effective, reliable and does not cause any leakage of results. Additionally, it provides a layer over the existing Salesforce CRM of a lender and extends it with all the relevant terminologies they are familiar with, to serve as a fully functional Mortgage CRM. With Loangility, without ever leaving Salesforce, you can run credit, pricing, AUS and Lock Your Price. It supports all salesforce analytics platforms, including Mobile, as a Salesforce Native App. Today, make the best out of the Salesforce and close more loans with Loangility quicker.”


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