VMware ties up with IIT Bombay to create a cohesive platform to influence and advance Systems Research practice in India 


VMware announced that it would support the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay’s Computing Systems Education and Research Lab (CSERL) initiative to create a cohesive platform for computing systems research and education. The CSERL of IIT Bombay will receive a grant of USD $240,000 from the VMware University Research Fund (VMURF) to focus on advancing academic and industry research in foundational technologies like Modern Enterprise System. This will cover computer, network, storage, and security, multi-cloud, mobile systems, edge, modern applications, and data as well as applied technologies such as Blockchain, 5G, and 6G.  

The relationship aims to advance the area of Computing Systems, which is under-represented and could do with increased access opportunities and platforms for both students and faculty. VMware has been partnering with IIT Bombay on systems research since 2017 and VMURF has funded USD $275,000 since 2017. Center for Systems Software Education & Research (CSERL) aims to catalyze the interest and potential for Computing Systems work in India. The broad scope of CSERL activities is to work on cutting-edge modern Computing Systems research themes and projects, develop academic programs and content, and provide platforms for learning and collaboration. The aim of the research and capacity-building activities is to positively impact the capacity for work in research, academia and industry. 

The roll-out and operations of the CSERL will include: 

  • Increasing the focus on advancing modern enterprise systems research and engineering development practices; 
  • Creating an optimal organizational ecosystem at the center to accelerate Systems research; 
  • Evangelizing the capabilities in advanced Systems research practice in India; 
  • Creating reference architectures on the open innovation platforms to catalyze, advance, accelerate and adaption of systems research practices;  
  • Designing academic programs and content with Systems specialization; and  
  • Conduct outreach activities (annual workshops, summer/winter schools). 

 Additionally, VMware, as a matter of philanthropic stewardship, will provide feedback if requested by CSERL as they design the academic program curriculum, consolidate individual projects under R&D themes, and formulate multi-year, large-scope projects. These projects will be focused on resolving challenges and providing professional services under the consulting model for industries, consortiums, and technical committees.  

Chris Wolf, Chief Research, and Innovation Officer at VMware said, “India is without question a global leader in innovation, and we are honored to work with IIT Bombay one of the premier tech institutes in the country. As a part of this relationship, we will evangelize the value of systems research with our outcome-driven pragmatic approach. Since 2017, we have been supporting IIT Bombay’s efforts to co-create disruptive technologies and to accelerate the transformation of ideas into world-class technology solutions. VMware has always aimed at being at the forefront of technological advancements and this partnership will further accelerate the pace in which we bring new technologies to market.” 

 Prof. Purushottam Kulkarni, Professor, CSE, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay “Today, the domain of Computing Systems is more vital than ever for modern computing needs. The center at IIT Bombay is working on several of these research themes—modern cloud services infrastructure, software-defined network operations, micro-architecture-based optimizations, and Systems performance analysis. While the primary trajectory of our work is work on exciting and novel research problems, the center is deeply committed to building capacity and opportunities for both students and faculty in this domain. VMware has been an invaluable partner in this journey — via co-work on research problems, hosting students and faculty, and supported to further the broader goals of capacity building for all-things-Systems within the academic setups. As we plan to formalize and scale our efforts, we look forward to continuing this very fruitful collaboration and keep continuing the co-work on our shared vision.” 

Academic research is an integral part of VMware’s research portfolio and VMware is committed to sponsoring academic research in areas of importance to the future of computing. Our faculty support enables graduate student researchers and post-docs and assists them in covering the expenses involved in developing new technology in a university setting. VMware’s annual Systems Research Award recognizes early career systems researchers who have made notable contributions to computer science systems research and who demonstrate an outstanding level of innovation, academic research leadership, and industry impact with their work. VMware’s Scholars in Residence program is a time-bound outcome-based co-research program where the academicians could drive pragmatic research with VMware Principal researchers and Business units at VMware campuses globally.  



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