WNS recognized as a leader in U.S. for Intelligent Business Automation by ISG


WNS announced that it has been recognized as a leader in Intelligent Business Automation by ISG in their 2021 Provider Lens Quadrant Report for Intelligent Automation Solutions & Services in the US, and a ‘Rising Star’ in the UK.

ISG highlights WNS’ comprehensive portfolio of offerings across the entire automation lifecycle which leverages domain knowledge, onshore digital transformation consulting capabilities, and a robust technology partnership ecosystem. It also cites WNS’ solutioning through low-code, RPA tools and platforms, IoT, advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), machine learning, blockchain, and other advanced AI and cognitive capabilities. ISG notes that WNS’ domain-led hyperautomation suite comprising both industry and point solutions helps accelerate the adoption of process automation and its scaling at the enterprise level. The analyst firm also highlights WNS’ consistent efforts to help clients manage process complexity and create scalability by leveraging domain expertise, flexible commercial models, and intelligent automation enablement platforms.

“Intelligent automation is more than just automating repetitive tasks to bring down costs or create efficiencies. It is also about applying data, human-centered design thinking, and purpose to power high-impact outcomes. At WNS, we leverage our deep domain expertise, proven analytical expertise and comprehensive suite of intelligent automation solutions to help our clients unlock higher value from their digital investments,” said Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS.

“WNS holistic approach to carry out transformation assessments using proprietary process intelligence frameworks, co-create solutions with customers leveraging innovation labs, and implement using an agile/DevOps based ‘4D Delivery’ methodology differentiates WNS from its competitors. An automation-first approach, expanding partners and new partnerships with niche automation providers, creating digital labs, showcasing thought leaderships, nurturing talent etc. highlights the strong vision and commitment for its automation portfolio,” said Mukesh Ranjan, Senior Analyst, ISG.

WNS’ Intelligent Automation TRACTM combines platform-led enterprise automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), advanced OCR / Intelligent Data Processing (IDP), digital virtual assistants, AI and ML with deep domain knowledge to transform business delivery models. WNS’ suite of domain-specific solutions under the WNS TRACTM umbrella include an IDP solution called WNS MalkomSM for automating shipping and logistics documentation, WNS Verifare PlusSM for fare auditing to identify discrepancies in receipts for airlines, WNS TrackboxSM for providing automation solutions to healthcare providers and the WNS CollecTRACSM accounts receivable solution.


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