Wolken Software launches SaaS Customer Service Platform, Wolken Care


Wolken Software announced the launch of its self-service SaaS customer service solution – Wolken Care. Designed for small and medium businesses, Wolken Care is self-serviceable, can be set-up with a single click and enables businesses to provide superior customer service to their customers in varied sectors ranging from the banking and financial services, the semiconductor, manufacturing, software, consumer goods, electronic component industries. The clientele includes Fortune 100 companies across continents from US, Europe and the Asian markets.

The phenomenal growth in on-demand, scalable cloud models has reinforced cloud adoption among most enterprises to rapidly accelerate their digital business transformation plans in order to achieve cost efficiency and business continuity. Wolken’s new offering addresses the self-service market specifically targeting startups and SMBs from across the globe.

The product aims at helping these businesses by making a world-class, feature-rich service desk available to them at reduced costs for their internal as well as external customers. Some of the key differentiators of Wolken Care are:

  • Cloud-native SaaS application: The platform is hosted on Cloud and is a completely self-service model enabling enterprises, small and medium businesses to operate without assistance.
  • No to low coding platform: As the platform is a no-coding platform, it helps eliminate overhead costs associated with headcount to manage coding operations and provides a faster time to market.
  • ‘Pay as you grow’ policy: Wolken Care allows enterprises to pay per customer agent building efficiency and cost-effectiveness into the entire customer experience process.
  • Caters to Omni-Channel presence and multilingual database: The enterprises could aim for global footprint and expand in international waters as the platform supports multilingual databases and caters to customers across channels.
  • Highly customizable platform: The platform has in-built features to customize the platform for various customer demands and meeting requisite SLAs (Service-level agreements).
  • Personalised care for all the customers:  360° holistic view of case status and team performance, feedback mechanism from the customer ensures quicker case resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Speaking on the launch of the software, Rohan Joshi,  Co-founder & CEO, Wolken Software said, “We started Wolken with a passion to bring excellent service support within the reach of every company. Our new offering is testament to the company’s commitment to help modern organizations transform their relationships with customers and employees. Wolken care being simple to use, secured by architecture and scalable on demand is best suited for the businesses looking to Digitise their Customer Service Support as it is completely configurable by the users themselves and requires little to no external support”

He further said,  “With the onset of Covid19 pandemic, businesses have been prompted to go completely digital and transform every aspect of their businesses. Having their employees dispersed and working remotely, cloud based apps and collaboration tools have become critical to employee engagement and team collaboration. We are confident that our out-of-the-box, configurable and scalable enterprise-class service desk solution Wolken Care can shift the paradigm for organizations looking for innovative areas that can improve their revenue and improve employee efficiency. “

Expressing his views on the launch, Sudhir Prabhu, Co-Founder & CTO, Wolken Software said, “Covid-19 global crisis has created an unprecedented push towards SaaS; as per a report released by SaaSBOOMi, the Asia’s largest community of SaaS founders and product builders The Indian SaaS space has the potential to create $1 trillion in value and nearly five lakh jobs by 2030, which clearly depicts the rising demand for and the potential SaaS industry holds. With Wolken Care which is easy to setup and understand, with very little to no technical help, we aim to help the companies transform the relationship between customers and their employees by bringing exceptional service support within the reach of every company with guaranteed customer satisfaction that too with reduced cost”

The self service product, Wolken Care is going to change the market with its impeccable features like inbuilt and in-depth Knowledge base, auto-routing  of tickets based on rules and multiple automations. The administration modules of Wolken Care allow one to easily set up rules for user management, auto assignment, team management, automatic email responses and all other business rules which are all editable through a stress-free user interface. Thereby, improving efficiency of businesses, resulting in quicker resolutions and enhanced customer satisfaction. A few of Wolken Care’s customers who are already leveraging the self-serve model for enhanced customer service and experiences are Freecharge, Orix, InterExecs, and Buxis.


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